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As a parent, you want your child to succeed in school. You want your child to learn without struggle, to get good grades, and to enjoy school.

Now you’ve got Dr. Linda’s Blog to help!

A blog that’s all about parents and kids. And packed with up-to-date information for helping your child. Linda Silbert, Ph.D., an education specialist, covers everything from reading to test preparation, from ADHD to homework.

Sometimes it’s a story about one of Dr. Linda’s clients. Other times a how-to article. Maybe a comment on a recent news story affecting kids and education.  It’s an interactive blog, and Dr. Linda loves your comments and questions so please comment often.

A little about Linda Silbert, PhD

Dr. Linda SilbertDr. Linda Silbert is a world-renowned educator, administrator, school counselor, speaker, award-winning author, and grandma, too. She has devoted her life to working with parents and their children to help make schooling more pleasant and successful.

She and her husband, Alvin J. Silbert, Ed.D, are the founders and directors of STRONG Learning, Inc. which has two divisions. The service division offers a full range of tutoring, educational testing, counseling, and test prep in various counties in CA, CT, MA, NY, and VA. The publishing division produces and distributes books, workbooks, and phonics card games produced by the Silberts.

Their STRONG Learning Program, an educational breakthrough, promotes academic learning and emotional support in six key areasSelf-esteem, Trust, Responsibility, Options, Needs, and Goals. This program helps struggling students and academic stars alike achieve the academic success they seek.

Their most recent award-winning book, with the Foreword written by Al Roker (Co-Host of NBC’s Today Show), is “Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids – What Parents Need to Know, What Parents Need to Do (2007 Beaufort Books).”

Dr. Linda Silbert is a member of the LDA (Learning Disabilities Association of New York State), the IDA (International Dyslexia Association) and the ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development).

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