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From SATs and PSATs to final exams to spelling tests, all require studying ahead of time, plenty of sleep the night before, breakfast, and feeling calm and confident. Find more tips and strategies for preparing for tests and taking tests.
Beyond learning disabilities and tutoring, our Mahopac, NY office specializes in test prep. Throughout the year we offer test prep courses and "boot camps" timed to end just prior to picking up the #2 pencil.
Whether it's the NY Regents Exam, the ISEE, the PSAT or the SHSAT - we keep students up to date and ready to excel at any level. Check our StrongLearning.com site for more details and information on the next sessions.

Last Minute Regents Prep: Algebra

ny-regents-mathLast minute NY Regents Prep: Algebra Exam Stuff to Know!!

.So how is the Integrated Algebra Regents exam graded?

Luckily, there’s not really any funny grading to this. There are four parts. The incorrect answers aren’t counted against you so DON’T leave a question blank. The first section is a 30 question multiple choice section. The most you can get is 30 right. If you get one wrong, you get a 29.

So if you absolutely don’t know the answer, you’ve got a better chance guessing than you do if you leave it blank.

This multiple choice section is worth 2 credits per answer. So if you get 29 right, you get 58 credits. [Read more…]

Improve SAT Scores

raise-sat-scoreThere’s one sure-fire way to improve SAT scores. Go to an expert SAT prep tutor that will teach you proven techniques on how to answer the different types of questions and help you in areas in which you need to improve. It doesn’t get much more basic and real than that.

An expert SAT prep tutor will also help you become comfortable with the format of the various test sections. As we do, they will show you how to approach answering the questions on the critical reading section, review and practice different types of math questions, and show you how to write a great essay. Even small advances here will improve SAT scores.

When considering different SAT prep tutors, think about whether you want to be tutored privately or if you want to be part of a group. If you work one-to-one you it may not be any more costly than in a group because you probably will not need as many sessions since each session will be specifically designed around your needs.

However, if you would rather be part of a group SAT program, try to find a small group setting and be sure that the group matches your ability. This way all the students in the group are similar in ability to you and you won’t have to worry that the class will move too fast or too slow.

Also, to improve your test scores, take at least one official practice test, under timed conditions. This helps you learn how to pace yourself. But don’t let this rattle your nerves. Most students do not do that well on these tests because they don’t know how to answer the questions and they run out of time.

Don’t Panic! If you are working with an expert SAT tutor, you’ll be taught the strategies and concepts to help you raise your score when you take the real SAT.

Finally, stay calm. Think about it. If you don’t get the score you want, you have options. You can retake the test at another date. Even though this is not your first choice, remember that when you retake the test, you will be more aware of how to answer the questions.

And remember, colleges don’t only look at SAT scores when they are selecting their freshman class. They consider the whole child and see if it’s a good match for their school. And that’s also your goal, to find a good match for you.

NY SAT & PSAT Test Prep

NY SAT Prep and PSAT Prep Advice

Whether your New York based  SAT test preparation consists of working on your own, in a group or class, or one-to-one with a qualified SAT tutor, the following advice will help you get the best scores possible. [Read more…]

What is the difference between the SSAT and SHSAT Tests?

The SSAT and the SHSAT are different in more ways than just the test questions. Along with those two tests, high school students may encounter the ISEE, SAT, PSAT, ACT and both the SSAT and SHSAT depending on what the student is trying to gain admission towards. All test differently, all score differently and all serve different institutions. [Read more…]

How can I study for the SSAT to get a good score?

How can I study for the SSAT is the most common question asked regarding the test. And right behind that people want to know what score they should try to get on the SSAT to get into the school they’re applying. Both are fair questions, we get them all the time. [Read more…]

Westchester, how to raise SAT test scores

Here’s how to raise SAT test scores! Go to an expert SAT prep tutor, like those at StrongLearning.com, who will teach you proven techniques on how to answer the different types of questions and help you in areas in which you need to improve. That may not sound like the magic bullet, but I assure you there’s nothing better.

An expert SAT prep tutor will also help you become comfortable with the format of the various test sections. [Read more…]

Get help with ISEE, SSAT and TACHS tests

As a Strong Learning Tutor, I have helped many 8th graders prepare for the ISEE, the SSAT  and the TACHS. Children learn proven techniques on how to answer the different types of questions, and by helping them in areas in which they need to improve.

I help each student become comfortable with the format of the various test sections. I show each student how to approach answering the reading sections from vocabulary, to short answer to grammar, to reading comprehension. [Read more…]

SAT or ACT: How to Choose the Right Test

For years the SAT college entrance exam was “the one and only,” especially on the east coast. This has changed.

Today the ACT is valued just as highly as the SAT. Yet, many students still prefer the SAT because it focuses on reasoning skills and is not based as much on subject matter.

Other students prefer the ACT because it’s more straightforward since the ACT is curriculum based. They’re both challenging tests.

So, how do you decide which one to take and send to the colleges? [Read more…]

Dr. Linda Answers Your Questions | Test Scores Aren’t Good?

Dr. Linda's School Success Q & A

Dear Dr. Linda,

My daughter is in 9th grade. I’ve always had to sit with her to study for tests. I read everything she reads and then teach it to her again and again. We’ve sat for hours studying for one test and she still gets a C. She may even fail. I’m so frustrated and so is she!

She’s actually told me that she’s just stupid and doesn’t want to study with me because she’s still going to fail. I’ve gone to her teachers and they say she is bright enough to do better.

What am I doing wrong? -Bewildered Mom [Read more…]

Does School Success Depend on AP Courses?

I read a “New York Times” article recently about AP classes in Newark, New Jersey.

It seems, Newark, along with other school districts in the country have developed intensive programs in order to help increase enrollment and student performance on AP exams.

Weekly or monthly summer courses, also called “summer camp” or “boot camp” have been established to prepare high school students for the AP courses they will be taking come September.

Wow! This article reminded me once again of  the challenges our high school kids face as they get ready to apply to college. Should Jimmy take as many AP courses as he can fit into his schedule? If Mary takes only one AP course, [Read more…]