Writing IEP Goals and Objectives

The IEP process includes collaboration in writing IEP Goals and Objectives. Parents, their advocates and the schools work together to write an IEP program that is both sensible and attainable by the child. [Read more…]

The Complete IEP (504) Process

The IEP (504) Process is daunting to parents who have no experience with it. In fact, most parents will have never heard of the IEP prior to their first meeting with their child’s teacher. The angst in the voices of parents is palpable.

As you know, we help parents and educators understand the IEP (504) Process from beginning to end almost on a daily basis. We know that overwhelmed, exhausted, bewildered and just “out of ideas” is where most parents are when they get to us. So we’d like to make things easy and give you an idea as to the entire IEP process from beginning to end. (Now, every case is a little bit different, so call us if you have specific questions). [Read more…]

Our Individual Education Program (IEP 504)

Individual Education Program (IEP 504)

Question: Our son’s teacher said that he really needs an IEP before he can receive extra help for his learning disabilities.  What is an IEP? –Mrs. A. E., Parent,  Armonk, NY [Read more…]