Community College or Four-year University: Which is better?

Choosing a college is a big decision, and sometimes families don’t agree.

Maybe Dad thinks it’s best if their son starts out close to home at a two-year college, but Mom thinks their son should go away to school.

Often, as parents, we come to these conclusions because of what we did. If Dad, who started at a two-year school, is successful, he might believe a two-year community college is the obvious answer.


Every successful adult has a story, but most successful adults would have been successful even if the story had been different.

As far as where kids should go to college, it’s hard to say what’s best without knowing what the kids themselves want. Many people take the community college route because they don’t want to go away to school and it’s less expensive.

Others choose to go away so they can experience the college life. Many claim it was the experience of going away from home that helped them mature. If you believe your child needs to go to a two-year school and money is not an issue, many excellent two-year schools offer on-campus living.

There are no absolutes in life. No crystal balls.

Again, the first question is what does your child want to do? If they want to follow in your footsteps and are happy with that decision, then that may be the right path.  But, if they want a different college experience and it’s affordable, this is the only time in their life that they’ll be able to experience that.

The important thing is to keep an open mind as you decide as a family what’s best.

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