Dyscalculia Screener: Questions to ask

There’s no good way to diagnose dyscalculia in an online quiz, but these dyscalculia screener questions should help you decide if you should seek additional help.

The most important part about these questions is you thinking through the answers. While the dyscalculia screener questions are all based on the symptoms of dyscalculia, having some of them is not necessarily a qualifier.

If after answering these questions you think there’s a possibility of dyscalculia, call us and we’ll help you move the discussion to the next step. 845-628-7910

Ok, let’s get started:

  • Does your child have good reading, writing and verbal skills?
  • Can he/she keep track of time?
  • Can the person in question do math in their head?
  • Are the basic math facts in question? Basically can he/she add, subtract, multiply or divide?
  • When working with numbers, does your child have trouble recalling numbers? add numbers?, omit numbers? reverse or substitute numbers?
  • How about the concepts, can you child remember math concepts or formulas or math’s rules?

Those are the math questions. If your child can’t do those things, you may be still dealing with a typical child and their math woes. If you answer the following questions in a similar manner, then we have a much clearer idea that the brain isn’t a big fan of numbers.

  • Does your child know hot to handle money, like making correct change?
  • How about direction, does you child have a good sense of direction or does he/she get lost easily?
  • Sequencing. . . Can your child recall the correct squence of events that took place in the past? Does he recall going to the mall before the movies which was before dinner?
  • Finally, can your child accurately recall where each number is on the face of a clock?

If a good number of things are causing your child problems, we’d like you to do two things.

1. Pick up a copy of our Dyscalculia Toolkit right here for free.

2. Secondly, call us at 845-628-7910 so we can help you understand what comes next.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Al


There are always ways to learn math, to have fun and to show the student that progress is being made. Grab a copy of our Dyscalculia Toolkit: How Singing, Playing Games and Having Fun can help defeat math disabilities.

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  1. Why did you delete my questions and comments? :( I need help because I have Dyscalculia.

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