Famous people with learning disabilities

One of the benefits of learning about famous people with learning disabilities is the hope they provide to young people battling those same disabilities. Unfortunately, if the young people don’t know who the famous people are part of the effect is gone.

When speaking to young people about famous people with learning disabilities, make sure to remind them of the hurdles they’ve overcome. Albert Einstein for example is a famous person with dyslexia who spent his life buried in books, doing math, writing letters. His efforts changed the world forever.

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson, the founder and head of Virgin airlines, couldn’t read at all before 8 years of age. Since then he’s traveled the world and built rockets that take passengers to outer space.

Actors like Sylvester Stallone, Cher, Tom Cruise and Danny Glover have overcome their learning disabilities and have managed to memorize pages and pages of lines for their movies. Sylvester Stallone has actually written, directed, acted in and produced 7 movies.

The list of famous people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities is long, and their accomplishments longer. Take a look at this short list just for starters:

  • Nelson Rockefeller,John F. Kennedy, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill,
  • Thomas Edison, Galileo, the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell,
  • Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Agatha Christie, Hans Christen Andersen, Auguste Rodin, Tommy Hilfiger,
  • General George Patton, Werner von Braun,
  • Bruce Jenner, Billy Blanks, Terry Bradsaw, Greg Louganis, Michael Phelps

. . . and many, many more. What’s important about this list is that it proves learning disabilities are not life ending. They do not have to slow you down, spoil the fun or eliminate success. In fact, people who’ve overcome their learning disabilities have gone on to do great things.

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