Home School Curriculum: Reading can be fun!

There are so many Home School Curriculum Reading Programs, but most don’t address the issue of fun. Some kids just don’t like to read and trying to make them read just makes it worse.

reading-for-homeschoolingThe worst part is. . . that’s why you homeschooled in the first place. You wanted to provide a relevant, superior and “fun” experience for your kids. But reading book after book, writing report after report just isn’t that.

One of the ways we really work with our students (including those learning to operate with dyslexia) is by injecting fun in the lessons. For instance, as you may have read earlier, some of our students play darts and games like it to improve their math skills. That might seem odd, but have you ever seen someone frowning while playing darts?

Reading can be the same way. In fact we created some home school curriculum reading programs that are based on games like GoFish that we all know to be fun and entertaining. For instance if you’re working on consonant clusters, why not play a game where the student has to read them as part of the game? We’ve created several games like that.

Feel free to check out the Reading Section of our Store and see.

So when you’re choosing a home school curriculum check out the fun factor. Don’t get us wrong the quality of the content and learning material is very important. That’s why we spend so much time putting our resources together. But if it’s not fun, if the child isn’t enjoying the learning. . . how much of the good content do you really get?

Whether you use Abeka, Sunrise or our home school reading programs ask yourself what it is that truly makes your child smile. And how often can they bring up strange facts and lessons they learned on field trips, watching movies and when you’ve done crazy science experiments? Homeschooling should be filled with joyous moments, joyous learning, joyful times.

We hope we can be there to serve you in your needs, but most importantly hope we can help you serve your “customers”. 🙂

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