How can I study for the SSAT to get a good score?

How can I study for the SSAT is the most common question asked regarding the test. And right behind that people want to know what score they should try to get on the SSAT to get into the school they’re applying. Both are fair questions, we get them all the time.

The best way to study for the SSAT, the first time, is with a tutor. Whether you’re taking the Lower SSAT or the Upper SSAT, for the higher grades, there’s no better commitment to success. An SSAT Tutor is going to be able to teach you techniques on how to answer the questions, will improve your SSAT vocabulary and will make sure you know exactly what you need to know in math to get a good score on the test.

Many people suggest you use the official SSAT study guide, which can certainly help. But many of the private schools requires 85% – 90% on the test – which is not easy in a self-learning environment. Keep in mind the SSAT is geared to test takers. Many people who do extraordinarily well on normal tests find themselves in the 70th percentile on the SSAT.

Since answering correctly or incorrectly and not answering the questions affect your score differently, we begin our students with SSAT strategy. We teach our students how to approach answering the reading sections from vocabulary, to short answer to grammar, to reading comprehension. In addition, the SSAT has a writing component that is sent along with the test scores to school. Understanding how to optimize your results and taking timed practice tests is worth our tutors alone.

One of the test prep questions you should ask your tutor is whether you’ll fare better in a group setting or one-on-one in home tutoring. That’s a question best tackled as a discussion between you and your tutor. Your style of learning will dictate what’s best here. Private in-home tutoring guarantees the program will be designed to fit your needs and speed. Whereas, the group setting enables the student to hear questions and answers they may not have thought to ask.

If you’re taking the ISEE test as well, an SSAT Tutor will help you immensely on both tests. Since you can only take the ISEE once per testing period, that kind of help could save months of heartache. You can retake the SSAT if you desire, but you’ll want to make sure to show obvious growth each time.

If you’re looking for Westchester SSAT help in the Westchester area, call us (845-628-7910) and talk over your options. We’d love to help you get into the schools you want the most.

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