What It’s Like To Work With Dr Linda Silbert and Strong Learning?


Our Mission is to help your child achieve their potential by pinpointing and then fixing the core obstacles that keep holding them back.

When you work with us you can expect to see improvement in your child’s confidence, self esteem and ability to learn. Your child will participate in class more actively, conflict between you and your child will be reduced significantly and better grades will come with a lot less struggle and effort.

Our goal is that you understand the root cause of the situation by zeroing-in on their ability to find out exactly what tiny component needs work. Our ability assessment enables us to pinpoint what is holding back their academic success. We are the only tutoring company who does ability testing to understand where the true problems lie. Why spend 4 hours per week for months and months and months when you can spend a fraction of that time on their laser-targeted problem

You’ll get a one-on-one session for you and your child, during which we will work to finally bring all the facts about their abilities into the light. Unlike most tutoring companies, this will not be limited to just academic or intellectual life of your child. We will also examine the emotional and social factors that may be influencing their academic achievement. You’ll receive our assessment on the spot about what’s really going on the inside for your child, ending any doubts about your child’s ability and giving you a much clearer picture of their future needs. Won’t it be nice to put an end to frustration and finally start working on really fixing the problem ‘at the source’?

You can expect to have someone on YOUR side, who can help you understand how the education maze works, someone to calm ruffled feathers and help you work with your school’s teachers to help them understand the precise situation of your child’s learning difficulties. Finally, you’ll get some insight into what is going on in school, too.

You can expect any conflict between you and your child will be reduced significantly. Together, we will put the missing pieces together in their learning. You will stop feeling the need to hover over your child, constantly checking homework and school progress. Communication between you and your child can be re-established as trust starts to grow. They will start to be more open again, coming to you again with their issues rather than lying or avoiding them by sweeping them under the rug. Trust is a piece of the picture that is forgotten by most tutoring companies. Our research shows that without trust, you’ll get lackluster academic results. This is why our approach includes treating the social and emotional side of your child along with the intellectual side.

You’ll get the unvarnished truth about your child. If we are able to help you further, we’ll tell you straight. In most cases, some further tutoring can help and we hand pick tutors and match them to meet the needs of each specific child. You’ll only be recommended the tutoring time your child really needs without any ‘padding’. In any case, we’ll make sure you’ll be very clear about the next step needed. You will finally have a series of practical steps and strategies to help them with their difficulties. What’s more, you’ll be able to start the same day with no contracts! You pay as you go.

You will notice a marked decrease in your child’s anxiety, frustration and stress levels from our calm reassurances and explanations to them about what is really going on. This is a natural byproduct of our approach. If you’ve been going from one expert to another, the endless rounds of testing can now finally come to an end. Most of the time, we can provide an assessment in a single session.

You can expect to reap an improved climate in the household. The relationship between you and your child has been put under so much stress lately. Since 1966, we’ve had lots of experience helping people, just like you, put the pieces together. And your child can finally stop looking for that ‘normal switch’.

Your teachers will finally be fully in the picture about your child’s learning difficulties. Conversations you have with them about your child will stop being quite so emotional and become more constructive. We help arm you with the necessary information to help your teacher’s feel like a part of the solution.

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Our Guiding Beliefs:

Taken from our award winning book “ Why Bad Grades Happen To Good Kids
“Today, children (and their parents) are feeling more pressure than ever to succeed in school. Meanwhile, increasing academic standards are making it more and more difficult for them to do so. The goal of this book is to provide parents with practical advice on how to help their children succeed in school without letting the schooling process harm them or the well-being of their families. Along the way, we show parents how to build socially and emotionally strong children. This means children with authentic (as opposed to superficial) self-esteem. This also means children who are responsible, trustworthy people, capable of making important decisions and becoming dependable members of their various communities.”

For Success You Need To Build A ‘Whole Person’. Research shows that people who attain high levels of success are also highly developed in other core areas in addition to their main expertise. This is why our assessment includes looking at the total child, including the social and emotional sides along with their intellectual abilities. Academic success is interrelated with other areas of a child’s life such as positive self esteem, trusting relationships with their siblings and parents, ability to take responsibility, and having basic needs met. Successful children, also feel they have access to options, and are able to formulate and work towards goals. We believe that that any successful approach to child development needs to view the whole child in this context. This means that you need to work with the child simultaneously on multiple areas of development. We find that if they are struggling academically, then there is usually something going wrong for them socially and emotionally too. If you never fix this, then the academic problems will continue.

Children need time to be children. These are pressure-filled, changing times. Stress is not limited just to adults. Adults get away with forgetfulness by attributing it to a stressful preoccupied life and yet we can’t seem to make the same excuses for children. Children’s lives can be just as stressful. To compete in an information-driven global economy, the academic bar has been raised again and again. After school activities continue, and homework starts at an earlier age and forces children to burn the midnight oil. Rather than jumping all over a forgetful child, a more positive and respectful approach is to help set up methods of support that helps recall of assignments and tasks. Children need to be helped to learn how to learn sometimes.

Lifestyles today are very different from the past. Time seems to be the most precious of commodities. Mom and Dad live the same hectic pace as their children with little time for nurturing activities and relaxation. And so this is seldom encouraged for their children either. And as we lay the bricks of the new age, in some cases it is forgotten what we are building -not robots but children. At school, many children feel frustrated, embarrassed, and insecure—and they are terrified of failing. If we can find out what is going on for the child in reality, we can then try to cure and fix what is going wrong for them.

Learning Difficulties need to be tackled by zeroing in on the root cause. The struggling student frequently comes across as being lazy, uncaring, or even having an attitude problem. But when we focus on these issues, we are taking the easy way out, and not dealing with the actual causes. Parents often focus on the grade itself rather than on their child’s wellbeing or the reasons behind their child’s poor performance. Experience has revealed to us the secret is to focus on several areas together. Issues of trust hinge on being given responsibility and options; when needs are met, trust develops; when goals are met, self-esteem improves. No one issue can be isolated from another.

Self-esteem is built when your child develops in areas she considers valuable, not in those that you decide should be valuable. Promote positive self-esteem and good character in your child because they are essential to growth and development. Do this by accepting, supporting and encouraging your child—through your words and actions—and by having him feel he is part of a family, a school and a community.

Accurate Diagnosis requires at least a working knowledge of brain science. The teenage brain is still developing. The shockingly simple fact is that teenagers are still growing new brain cells! So if all they do all day is play shoot-em-up style computer games, their brains will grow so that they’re only good at computer games. Amazing as this sounds, one youngster transformed himself instantly, and actually began to read on his own time. Later, when I asked him why, he told me he’d gotten scared—that his father had never learned how to read, and he didn’t want that to happen to him. Once kids understand the cause-and effect relationship between a rule and their lives, they see that they have power and control over their own destinies. Amazing transformation can happen in people when you share information how current brain research applies to them.

Younger children learn through play. After working with children for years, I see that they are sitting with books and workbooks. But let’s face it, a child learns best through play. When you take your 6,7 and 8 year olds and play games, it makes it fun and the ideas stick.

Schools are just buildings, it’s the people inside them that make the difference and you have a right in there just as much as everyone else. In our experience, the vast majority [ or 99%] of teachers and School Principles are willing and able to work with you as a parent to help your child get a better deal, even in the face of dwindling school resources. An integrated approach is often necessary to solving a child’s learning difficulties and talking to them can help. Tell them that you are listening and try to work with them.

Children need parental interest not parental pressure. If you the parent do not take an interest in your child’s future, who will? Your child needs your interest and support to progress, however balance is necessary to avoid their learning becoming like passing a sentence with time off only for good behavior. Parents must accept the child for who they really are. You are not their parole officer, you are their parent. Deciding that your child is going to an Ivy League college when they may not have the raw talent or ability can create problems that leads to a child not ever fulfilling their true potential. As a parent, you need to accept who you have.

Our Approach:  More Than Just Tutoring – We’re In Your Corner There Fighting For You

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What is it like to work with Dr Linda?

We only work one to one: You are the focus! Every child is different and has slightly different needs. That’s why our assessments are only one-on-one. Everything we do is one to one so that every child’s needs will be met. This means that we are able to work on helping the ‘whole child’, socially, intellectually and emotionally. If that child needs tutoring (because actually sometimes they don’t), we find the best tutor for that child. We work with parents individually to set up tutors for their child.

Complex Situations require a holistic approach – We look at the entire child. Work to uncover the cause of learning difficulties and you start to solve the negative effects. Learning difficulties are the effect of a deeper root cause. Often there is also something going on socially or emotionally for the child that is having a negative effect on their grades. Our experience has shown that children need a holistic approach and that all areas of their life can be significant as well as interrelated and so need to be dealt with together.

We look to diagnose what is happening for your child and then where possible fix it. We only run diagnostic tests that are necessary. Our assessment and ongoing tutoring is done in a very personal way with conversation, some simple questions and games in as little as 2 -3 hours. In most cases our assessment can be completed in a single session. Every assessment and tutoring session is quickly documented for the parent with specific things they can work on with the child when they get home. You’ll be kept up to date and informed of your child’s progress with us and also in school. Nothing is worse than trying to stumble through a forest blindfolded. We’ll help you with that by keeping you informed about what is happening.

We’re more than just ‘testers’ and ‘tutors’- We’re on your side. Having worked with the school system since 1966, we’ve developed a deep understanding of how it really works in practice on the inside. Sometimes the problems faced by you and your child are partly due to the way the school system works, and we can help you with that. You have an advocate to go to bat for you inside the school system, fighting in your corner with your child’s teachers and the school district. If necessary, we will talk to your child’s teachers and explain fully any circumstances they need to take into consideration. A little work here goes a long long way and the earlier this happens, the better.

Quick response is guaranteed. Nothing can be more frustrating working with someone who will not return phone calls or emails. Once you fill out the simple contact form, we’ll call you right back at the time you indicate on the form. We guarantee your calls or emails will be returned in 12 hours or less. Normally a lot less! That’s how we like it and we treat you the same way.

Honesty is not optional! In addition to there being no contracts required, we believe in transferring skills and capabilities so that you don’t need us forever. You may feel that approaching a tutor may mean you are about to sign a blank check. Unlike some therapists or tutors, who will lock you into a cycle of dependence, we see our job as being to instill skills, working closely with you so that you can become a wonderful resource at home for them, and your child’s development can become autonomous. Some children need only one or two sessions to resolve their problems while others need many. So, for your convenience, we don’t require contracts.

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Our Uniqueness – We Diagnose the Problem and Then Fix It

When looking for solutions to your child’s learning difficulty, there are many to choose from today. So you may be asking yourself: What makes Dr Linda and StrongLearning different from any other tutoring company?

The difference lies in the 44 years of experience as a teacher, counselor tutor and researcher into child development. With multiple backgrounds of experience to draw on, this allows us to shortcut the process of diagnosis down to a single session, saving you weeks of testing and hours of embarrassment and frustration. I don’t work just with theory, but with hands on approaches that are proven to work.

We’ve spent over 40 years dedicated to the growth and enhancement of children’s intellectual, emotional and social development. We have written over 40 educational workbooks, books and games imparting our knowledge and research to help teachers, parents and children. This combined with our intimate knowledge of how the school system works enables us to get in touch with teachers, quickly find answers and eliminate un-helpful teaching practices.

We require our instructors go through rigorous standards before they qualify to work with us. They are hand picked for their enthusiasm, outstanding ability to communicate and relate well with students, and their knack for drawing out the very best in each student. All our tutors are experienced teachers who know how to make learning easy and fun and are certified to Masters or Ph.D level. All our disabilities tutors are also certified in either the Wilson or Orton Gillingham methodology.

After more than 40 years working with children and diagnosing learning difficulties, we’ve developed a knack for consistently diagnosing and fixing learning difficulties. To find out some of the ways that past clients have benefited from our unique Strong Learning system, see our actual client case studies,or see Dr Linda’s testimonials.
Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, go to the next page where you can learn more about the specific services and programs we offer.

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