How to Hire a Math Tutor – Questions to ask

Your child deserves to succeed in school. Unfortunately, a math tutor is often the last place parents turn to help their children. Once taking away the iPod after school, or limiting TV or even helping your child with their homework doesn’t appear to be working, hire a professional.

There are tricks, methods, systems and approaches known to coaches and tutors that just aren’t common knowledge. And that may be the reason they are often so successful.

When you do decide to hire a math tutor, you’ll want to interview whomever you’re going to hire to help your child succeed. Ask them questions just as you would anyone else you’d hire.  And check their references.

Interview questions:

• What is your approach to working with children?
• How much experience have you had? With what subjects? What age group?
• Can you give me some references?
• Do you see yourself as a coach or a tutor?
• What is your hourly rate? How long is each session?
• Is a long-term contract required?  (Avoid signing a long-term contract.)
• Are children allowed to drink water, move about, and ask questions?
• How do you discipline children if they become unruly?
• Do you help children learn how to learn? Help them master learning skills?
• Can you teach the content my child needs to learn such as French, geometry, or physics?

After you’ve asked your questions, carefully explain your child’s challenge, what you think they need, how they work best, the outcome you’d like to see, your child’s attitude about the learning challenge and the outcome.

End the interview by asking prospective tutor/coach how she would work with your child.  Avoid asking “Do you think you can help my child?” It’s too easy to answer “yes.”

Qualifications are only part of the solution. In order for the tutoring/coaching to be effective, your child must feel comfortable with the person who’s going to help them. Discuss the problem with your child’s teacher. Then find just the right person to help your child.

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