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Dear Dr. Linda,

My daughter is in 9th grade. I’ve always had to sit with her to study for tests. I read everything she reads and then teach it to her again and again. We’ve sat for hours studying for one test and she still gets a C. She may even fail. I’m so frustrated and so is she!

She’s actually told me that she’s just stupid and doesn’t want to study with me because she’s still going to fail. I’ve gone to her teachers and they say she is bright enough to do better.

What am I doing wrong? -Bewildered Mom

Dear Bewildered Mom,

There are many reasons a child doesn’t do well on tests. The most common reason is that most kids don’t practice enough. In your case, that’s not the reason.

What could be happening is that your daughter may not be an auditory learner. That means she doesn’t learn from listening and it seems that’s all she’s doing. She’s listening in class and then listening to you. She spends hours doing something that doesn’t work for her.

She may need to see the material she’s learning and write it herself. Instead of you lecturing for hours, have your daughter explain what she’s learning back to you. She becomes the teacher and you become the student. She can tell you what to write, what to think about and what to draw.

Seeing it, saying it, and writing it, instead of just listening, will help her do better on tests. It will also help her feel better about herself.

Best wishes for test success and school success,

Dr. Linda

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