Does School Success Depend on AP Courses?

I read a “New York Times” article recently about AP classes in Newark, New Jersey.

It seems, Newark, along with other school districts in the country have developed intensive programs in order to help increase enrollment and student performance on AP exams.

Weekly or monthly summer courses, also called “summer camp” or “boot camp” have been established to prepare high school students for the AP courses they will be taking come September.

Wow! This article reminded me once again of  the challenges our high school kids face as they get ready to apply to college. Should Jimmy take as many AP courses as he can fit into his schedule? If Mary takes only one AP course, will the colleges look down at that? If Suzy doesn’t get a 4 or 5, is she wasting her time?

Or should high schoolers put more effort into SAT prep?  The decisions become overwhelming.

As with everything else in life, there are no absolutes, no shoulds and no musts. Students have to find their own comfort zones so they not only do well academically, but maintain healthy social and emotional lives.

If taking AP courses comes naturally, then why not take them?  But if students are sleep deprived, grabbing candy bars for lunch, and having continuous meltdowns because of overload, they need to think through this AP conundrum with their parents and school counselor.

By the way, if you’re in New York, we offer SAT prep courses  all year long. The next one starts August 6.

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