School Success Requires Organization

A 3-hole punch is one of the most important items to buy for your six-year old, your 12-year old or even your child going off to college.

Your child is going to have piles and piles of papers. These papers need to be organized. they need to be hole punched and filed in 3-hole binders. Some are necessary for the next test and some are notices about next week’s cupcake sale . . . or last week’s sale, oops!

Every night or at least once a week, go through the papers with your elementary-school child, tossing the unnecessary sheets into the paper recycling bin and hole punching the others. Encourage older children to follow this plan. It could even be on their to-do list that’s on the fridge.

Once the papers are hole punched, put them in 3-ring binders. Label each binder. For example, one can be English, another math, etc. Or put dividers in an individual binder, sorting the papers by subjects and labeling the binders by dates, for example, 1st quarter, 2010, 2nd quarter, 2010. Encourage your children to create a system that works for them.

Keep the binders on a shelf to be referred to for tests and exams, science projects, book reports, term papers, fund-raising activities and field trips.

Make a table of contents for each binder including the date for the test or event. When that exam or event is over, cross it off the table of contents and throw away the paper. Be sure, however, to save papers that need to be referred to again for mid-terms or final exams.

The teachers will let your child know what they want in the binder they use for school. It’s all those other papers that need to be filed away.

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