Dramatic Grade Improvement In 90 Days Or Less.

A+Strong Learning, our tutoring program, offers a variety of services and programs designed to increase grades by reducing your child’s difficulties with learning. All of our services and programs are designed to immediately help your child on issues they are facing at school.

Intake involves an initial assessment of your child using our Strong Learning (TM) method. Depending on your needs, the assessment only takes 1 to 3 hours. Then we customize and tailor our approach to fit your particular situation.

To find out some of the ways that past clients have benefited from our unique strong learning system, see our actual client case studies.

Learn more about the following tutoring and assessment services below:

Learning Disability Assessment and Testing

Our focus is to pinpoint your child’s learning struggle and determine the best method to excel despite it. If you suspect your child is suffering from a learning disability, the best thing you can do for them is to get them the best help possible, as soon as possible. There’s no need to keep worrying. Today, finding out what is really going on is not hard at all. We are qualified to run an entire range of diagnostic tests “in-house”.

(You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from the simplest ones)
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Learning Disabilities testing

“Big” Test Prep Tutoring

Our test prep focus is to measurably improve your child’s school and “big test” performance. Whether you are looking to sit for your GMAT or LSAT, or your child is going to be taking AP tests, the SAT, ACT, NY Regents or high school entrance exams we have a seasoned staff of professional tutors that know how to achieve your testing goals..
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Problems with Math?

The focus is to measurably improve your child’s mathematical understanding. Strong Learning tutors are degree’d professionals who KNOW math, but also how to explain it. (Oh yeah, we help adults, too) Our tutoring goal is to find and fill the holes. We teach using tactics to make math fun, easier to understand and do. Our secondary goal is to teach the students how better to learn math so they’re prepared for harder lessons down the road (. . . including things like High School Entrance exams and the NY Regents)
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Problems With Reading?

The focus is to measurably improve your child’s reading comprehension, speed and level. Unfortunately, all homework requires the ability to read the instructions so improvements in this area help all subjects. Correcting small deficiencies in reading can have dramatic effects on grades. We aim to make reading, school work and homework more fun, successful and whole lot easier by applying our STRONG Learning reading method.
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Reading tutoring and coaching

Problems With Writing?

The focus is to enable your child to measurably improve their writing skills. Like reading, homework depends on the ability to write. Even small difficulties hold the students back from both well done school and home work.
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tutoring for writing problems