Get ready!

What is the Tiger Tuesday Reading Program?

The Tiger Tuesday Reading Series is a five module program that gets children learning without them really knowing it. AND they love it!!!!

Through games, songs, plays and other “fun” tools, they get practice decoding words, reading, and writing.

(And for the parents and teachers, each module is color-coded for ease in organizing the components. We understand you for sure).

FUN & ENGAGING: You are going to love Tiger Tuesday. Think of a story with rich characters that infuse throughout an entire program designed to teach reading . . . but instead just feels like you’re playing.

Imagine the kids falling in love with a group of characters wanting to know what adventures they have today. And while sharing in their adventures automatically learning how to read.

COMPREHENSIVE: To be complete. . . to engage all the senses there are books and worksheets and games and songs focused on phonics. We use Tiger Tuesday to put them all together connecting stories, worksheets and games, which research has shown is most effective in improving reading fluency.

Every activity supports development of one or more of the Five Pillars of Reading. We didn’t just create them randomly. . . each has a learning purpose.

STUDENT-CENTERED: We know that kids learn differently. If you know anything about us, we champion that more than anything. So although pre-designed lesson plans are provided to make it simple for educators, the program provides opportunity for differentiated instruction.

It is designed so that children of varying learning styles and challenges can work together, yet have a variety of options to choose from.

It’s not how they get the practice that matters, just that they do.

ADAPTABLE: This is my favorite part. Every element of the program can be adapted for use with one child, with small groups, and even whole classrooms.

Teacher’s Guides include suggestions for use and game directions provide alternative ways to play all games based on how many students are participating.

From stories to worksheets to games to plays, it provides what every struggling student needs most—no matter why he or she is having trouble—purposeful practice of foundational skills.

Tiger Tuesday isn’t about to exclude anyone. If you’re a tutor who has a mixed class of  students with dyslexia or with other learning disorders,… this is the one program you’ll be able to use with all of them.