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Testing for Learning Disabilities

Testing for learning disabilities is important when, no matter how hard they try, your kids don’t get that A+ they wanted.  School success seems impossible. Sometimes they need to undergo testing for learning disabilities. Learning disabilities are serious and need to be addressed or your child’s difficulties in school may never be solved.

But how do you know if your child’s problems stem from a learning disability or something else? When Andrew struggles with the multiplication tables, it could be a symptom of a much bigger issue which hours of math-drill won’t solve.  Keep reading to find out more about learning disabilities testing! [Read more…]

Does Your Child Have a Learning Disability? Three Tips for Parents

When kids are forgetful and disorganized and have to use all their resources to survive each day, they may have a learning disability. Unless teachers and parents understand how difficult it is for such children, they won’t be able to relate to them.

Here’s what 12-year-old Joey explained to me: “Those teachers are losin’ it. They get nuts if you forget a pencil! I’m talkin’ about a pencil! I have to remember which room to go to each period, how to get there, what book I need, if I have my homework, if I can get to the bathroom in those few minutes, and if it’s A, B, C or D day, and they want me to remember a pencil too?” For more information about diagnosing a learning disability, keep reading! [Read more…]