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Homework Tantrums – Questions from Parents

Homework HelpDear Dr. Linda,

Our second grader loves school. But homework is another issue. He hates to do homework, sometimes to the point of throwing tantrums. We tell him that if he gets it done, he can play. But he never has time to play since it takes him hours because he wastes so much time.

We’re trying to teach him that he has to do his homework, but things just seem to be getting worse. B.L. [Read more…]

ADHD, Anxiety, or Auditory Processing Disorder?

Often it’s ADHD but it could be something else.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out just what’s going on with your child. To make matters worse, many of the symptoms associated with one issue are the same for another issue.

Many of the symptoms children who have ADHD exhibit are similar to the symptoms exhibited by children who have  an Auditory Processing Disorder, an anxiety disorder or a combination.

To complicate it even more, there are several different types of ADHD: Impulsive, hyperactive, non-hyperactive, inattentive or a combination of those. [Read more…]