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Games for Children with Dyslexia

Games for children with dyslexia are not only helpful, but most are really fun. Whether it be card games, computer games, board games or thinking games, the use of games to help children understand how to overcome the symptoms of dyslexia is supported by every major Dyslexia group.  Continue reading to find out more about dyslexia in children [Read more…]

How to Recognize Dyslexia in Children

Diagnosis of dyslexia in children usually starts with the child’s teacher. While a teacher doesn’t typically say your child has dyslexia, they are often the first to point out problems. Dyslexia academically means “difficulty with words or language”, and though problems don’t always mean dyslexia, problems should make you consider testing. [Read more…]

Dyslexia Learning Disability

The dyslexia learning disability is probably the most well known of the bunch. Famous people with dyslexia, the likes of Einstein, Tom Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg and Will Smith, have helped to increase awareness and exposure much more than some of the other learning disabilities. [Read more…]

Math Learning Disabilities: Symptoms in Grade School Children

The parents of a fourth grade student suspected their son may have math learning disabilities and wanted to know how that was diagnosed. They explained that their son performed well in his other classes, but struggled with math. [Read more…]

List of Learning Disabilities

If you’ve been looking, you’ll agree it’s not easy to find a complete list of learning disabilities. Perhaps that’s because there really are too many to speak of in one article. So the following is a list of learning disabilities. It isn’t sorted by any importance, popularity or severity, it’s just a list. [Read more…]

Nonverbal Learning Disability?

Nonverbal learning disability is not at all what it sounds like. It is a combination of learning, academic, social and emotional issues. Most children diagnosed with strictly academic learning disabilities, like dyslexia,  do not suffer ancillary social and emotional development problems. And parents of those that do can typically tie the problems to the self-esteem issues caused by the frustration of the learning disability. [Read more…]

What Do I Do If My Child Has Trouble Reading?

Child reading problems should not be left to chance. Reading is one of the most important skills children needs to master. They’ll need reading in every subject in school and in almost every facet of life. Yet, millions of kids have poor reading skills. If you see your child is having trouble with reading, it’s important look into it as early as possible.

This is important because child reading problems often cause children to develop emotional problems. It’s easy to see why: frustration, disappointment, guilt, anger, and fear associated with their inability to read easily. Here are the effective strategies. [Read more…]

Help with Dyslexia: A treatment program

Children who need help with dyslexia are in the best position when they’re in a dyslexia treatment program that understands how to give both academic and emotional assistance.

Usually, an Orton Gillingham program is taught by a trained and/or certified O/G instructor. Some children may need to begin at the beginning of the prescribed program, but many do not. It is critical that children who struggle with reading be placed in an appropriate setting. Their confidence is usually low to begin with, and if they are placed in a level beneath their current needs, they tend to feel even more discouraged. [Read more…]

Dyslexia Analysis: A student perspective

Research what you need to know about a dyslexia analysis , and you’ll likely not get this perspective. Scott is in the 10th grade and suffers from severe dyslexia. He is an extremely bright, quiet and good looking young man. He has a high vocabulary and can talk about his subjects on a high cognitive level. However, his reading and spelling are at elementary school level.

One day, before reading his assigned reading, “A Separate Piece,” I asked him some questions. After thinking for a minute or two about each question, he answered. The dyslexia analysis dialogue went as follows: [Read more…]

Seventh Grade Algebra Tutor?

Dr. Linda's School Success Q & ADear Dr. Linda,

He fails almost every test. I’m confused because he seems to understand his seventh grade algebra, but when he takes a test, he always makes these careless mistakes. No matter how many times I show him what he did wrong, he does it again.

What can I do? Do I need a seventh grade algebra tutor?

Seth’s Mom
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