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Geometry Proofs Problems: Why?

Lots of students love to hate “geometry proofs.” Problems and bad memories constitute many of the comments we’ve gotten. It seems many adults carry their “geometry proofs” grudges for decades. So, let’s revisit what they are and what they are for. [Read more…]

Learning Disability Programs

Our learning disability programs are some of the best in the country. Whether you need help diagnosing your learning disability, understanding the IEP process from an experienced viewpoint, or access to at home study products you can use yourself, we’ve got you covered with everything you need. [Read more…]

Dyslexia Dysgraphia Dyscalculia

Dyslexia Dysgraphia Dyscalculia

I bet for most of you dyslexia is the only one you’ve heard of.  And if I added dyspraxia to the list, it would sound even odder, right? Well, unfortunately there are hundreds of thousands of people who’ve learned they suffer from these learning disorders.

Learning Disorders is the label they’ve been given because early on, they primarily affected students in typical classroom environments. And someone somewhere decided that if you can’t learn in a typical classroom environment, you must have a disorder.

What they probably didn’t know is that you don’t have a disorder at all, [Read more…]

Dysgraphia Symptoms: A Parent’s Guide

Dysgraphia symptoms are important to understand. Knowledge of them will greatly enhance your ability to diagnose dysgraphia. But understand that all dysgraphia symptoms can be distilled down to one simple concept. The brain of a dysgraphia sufferer has trouble communicating with the hand when writing, and the hand has trouble giving the necessary feedback. [Read more…]

Dysgraphia Definition

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary lists the dysgraphia definition as the “impairment of the ability to write caused by brain damage”. Pronounced (dĭs-grăf’ē-ə) this noun is described this way in most dictionaries. One dictionary even said it was otherwise known as “writer’s cramp”. To state the dysgraphia definition that way really does belittle its veracity and doesn’t really illustrate an image of the typical person with dysgraphia. [Read more…]

Famous people with learning disabilities

One of the benefits of learning about famous people with learning disabilities is the hope they provide to young people battling those same disabilities. Unfortunately, if the young people don’t know who the famous people are part of the effect is gone. [Read more…]

What is the difference between the SSAT and SHSAT Tests?

The SSAT and the SHSAT are different in more ways than just the test questions. Along with those two tests, high school students may encounter the ISEE, SAT, PSAT, ACT and both the SSAT and SHSAT depending on what the student is trying to gain admission towards. All test differently, all score differently and all serve different institutions. [Read more…]

How can I study for the SSAT to get a good score?

How can I study for the SSAT is the most common question asked regarding the test. And right behind that people want to know what score they should try to get on the SSAT to get into the school they’re applying. Both are fair questions, we get them all the time. [Read more…]