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Dyslexia in Children: “Why Can’t You Understand Me?”

Dyslexia in children. What’s it like for them? It’s almost impossible to imagine what it’s like to walk in the shoes of someone who has severe dyslexia.

I had the opportunity to think about what dyslexia is like as I wrote a letter of recommendation for a young man who was applying for admission to a high school which is especially supportive of students with dyslexia.
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Dyscalculia Diagnosis

If you’ve been given a dyscalculia diagnosis, and this is all new to you – don’t fret. The only thing you have to know now is that learning math is going to take a few extra steps. But the treatment can often be more fun, and lead you to a greater appreciation of math than the dyscalculia diagnosis could ever have foretold. [Read more…]

Causes of Dyslexia

We often hear people ask what causes dyslexia? While it’s hard not to chuckle, it’s kind of a funny question. It’s a little bit like asking “what causes perfect pitch”? The only difference between those two questions is the first sounds bad and the second sounds good. [Read more…]

Learning Disability Schools

There are learning disability schools all over the U.S. With the rigidity of public school instruction methods, children with learning disabilities thrive at these kinds of schools. What could be better than being in an environment with other kids who learn the same way you do and instructors who are well trained to do so? [Read more…]

Learning Disabilities Assessment

Conducting a learning disabilities assessment isn’t like diagnosing a broken bone. While both events require tests, the broken bone tests provide a film to see an actual fracture. With a learning disability, there’s no film and no fracture. In fact, there’s nothing really wrong at all. [Read more…]

Dyscalculia Screener: Questions to ask

There’s no good way to diagnose dyscalculia in an online quiz, but these dyscalculia screener questions should help you decide if you should seek additional help. [Read more…]

Dyscalculia: Treatment that works

We’re huge fans of fun. Dyscalculia treatment doesn’t have to be hard, or boring, or long. . .it can actually be fun.

One of the reasons we wrote the dyscalculia toolkit (and why we give it away free) is because once kids understand that there are other ways to learn math – they begin to open up. [Read more…]

Handwriting without tears

Handwriting without tearsHandwriting without tears is something parents of dysgraphia kids often can only dream about. Fortunately, that reality may be coming sooner than you think.

You may have noticed there has been a lot of talk in the news lately about handwriting. The issue was sparked when the media picked up on a new elementary school trend. Cursive is no longer being taught anymore at many schools. Cursive is that artsy handwriting style that we once used to write our term papers in school. [Read more…]