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Need a Math Tutor? (Westchester or Chappaqua)

strong-learning-math-tutorsWe hope you do need a Math Tutor in Westchester or Chappaqua NY, because we’ve dedicated our lives to helping students overcome difficulties at school. Not only have we dedicated time to learning our craft, but we’ve also built a business entirely focused on what you need.

Our math tutoring services are not contract based, which can be daunting just to get started. In addition, we make sure all our tutors have Master’s Degrees AND we guarantee to you that if you’re not getting everything you need – we’ll switch you to a new tutor. No problem. [Read more…]

Adult Learning Disability

adult-learning-disorderIs it possible you have an adult learning disability? The answer is a resounding yes for sure. And in most cases the adult has known it since they were a child and have learned how to adapt to overcome it. But for many the frustration it causes is just. . . well. . .downright frustrating. Fortunately, that can go away. [Read more…]

What does a dysgraphia diagnosis mean?

dysgraphia-diagnosisThis is a story about a dysgraphia diagnosis.

Josh struggles in school because writing is so hard for him. Even though he tries writing until his hand hurts, he can’t ever seem to form the letters correctly or put his thoughts on paper. He has trouble copying from the board and he can’t take legible notes. He has trouble writing down his homework assignments which frustrates his parents because they can’t help him with his homework. They can’t decipher what he writes. His teachers ask him to rewrite his papers because they can’t read them. His spelling is abysmal and his grammar, punctuation and capitalization are just as poor. Josh even struggles in math class because his numbers get mixed up. One column of numbers somehow ends up in the other column and his fours look like nines and his sixes never seemed to be closed so they are misinterpreted as ones. [Read more…]

Causes of Dysgraphia

dysgraphia-tutoring (2)I was dismayed to see how many people research the causes of dysgraphia. Dysgraphia is a not a disease or a fungus or an affliction like frostbite. Dysgraphia describes a difficulty some brains have communicating actions that require the body’s fine motor skills, like writing and shoe tying. [Read more…]

What is dysgraphia?

dysgaphia-helpWhat is dysgraphia? If you read most definitions you’d come away with the idea that it is some disease that needs treating, but that is far from true. Dysgraphia is a term that describes a communication path between the brain and the fingers. That’s it. [Read more…]

Famous People with Dyscalculia

It’s not easy to find a list of famous people with dyscalculia. Much of the time, people with math problems either get by, learn to overcome them or are given help without ever being diagnosed with dyscalculia. Of all the famous people we could find, we thought you’d recognize at least one person from this list of dyscalculics. [Read more…]