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Fact Fun Math Game

Boys playing math card gamesIn fact, fun math games are better than text books!

To some children, math can seem daunting and tedious, especially if they suffer from learning disabilities, such as ADHD and/or dyscalculia. In cases where the child is showing difficulty grasping a math fact, fun math games can be the perfect activity in bridging the gaps that become obvious and creating the element of fun while learning the math facts.

Try this Path of Math Game to Have Fun with Math Facts

With this game, you will need to have some kind of materials to create a path, a floor game board, for the child to move along. Try using interlocking colorful foam pieces. Construct the path with turns, to create more of visual stimulation. Consider allow the child to put together the board on their own. [Read more…]

Strategies for Dysgraphia:

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 1.57.01 PMTips to Turning a Struggling Writer into a Happy Writer

A struggling writer doesn’t necessarily mean that they are unable to write, but it can mean that with the right assistance they can become a happy writer. And not all struggling writers think like a dysgraphic mind will have you thinking. But struggling is no fun either way. So here are some strategies for dysgraphia or anyone who just doesn’t enjoy writing.

No matter where you begin, fun should be the main objective. The idea is to turn the assignment into a game by sparking the imagination. Some children will need more than a spark to get the writing juices going, but the important aspect is giving as many aids until it clicks.

Here are a few strategies for dysgraphia to help you in providing the sparks that will turn that struggling writer into a happy writer. [Read more…]