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How to Find a Tutor

When kids struggle in school, parents want to get help for them. But how to find a tutor who can help their kids and not break the bank can be a problem. Dr. Linda tells you how to find a tutor and what to look out for so you aren’t paying too much while your kids still don’t get the help they need.

Dear Dr. Linda,

How to Find a TutorWe have two kids, and we think both of them need tutors. But we don’t know who to go to. Jillian is a ninth grader who’s failing the new Common Core algebra class, and Dillon, our fifth grader, has trouble with reading and writing. My best friend actually took out a loan from a tutoring service so she could get help for her kids. My husband and I can’t afford private tutoring because it’s so expensive, and there’s no way we’re taking out a loan. I don’t want my kids to fail, but I don’t want to end up in the poor house either. Need some advice on how to go about finding a tutor for our kids without paying too much or ending up with loans to pay back. Jean

 Dear Jean,

Before you and your husband consider finding a tutor, [Read more…]


High school students often have a hard time deciding whether to take the SAT or ACT. Some choose to take both.  Others make a decision that’s not in their best interest. Dr. Linda

Dear Dr. Linda,

Choosing whether to take the SAT or the ACTOur son Cory is getting anxious about whether to take the SAT or ACT. He wants to take only the ACT because the essay isn’t required. He thinks his writing is so bad that he shouldn’t write the optional essay. We think he should because we’re assuming that colleges will think students who don’t do the essays are lazy. What is your advice?  Should he take both tests?  We’ve heard that the SAT is preferable. William and Kate

Dear William and Kate,

I understand Corey’s concern. I don’t think colleges will [Read more…]

New SAT in 2016

The SAT that students will take in the spring 2016 will be different. Kids and their parents (even teachers) are concerned. Will it be harder? Will it be a lot different than the SAT we now know? What can students expect? Although we don’t know everything about the new test yet, Dr. Linda explains the major differences.

Dear Dr. Linda,

My daughter is scheduled to take the SAT in the spring of 2016. We’ve heard that it’s different from the current SAT and harder. Should she take the ACT instead? Should she take both? Can you tell us why these changes were made to the SAT and what they are? Please help my daughter make the right decision about which tests to take. Lorraine G.

Details about the new revised SAT for 2016Dear Lorraine,

Yes, The College Board has made major revisions to the new SAT. We won’t know all [Read more…]