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The fastest path to success is focused help

We’ve been helping children overcome learning disabilities for 30 years now and in that time we’ve learned some wonderful things. One of those things is that what seems to be a problem on the surface might not be the actual problem. 

And until you identify the actual problem, you might spend a lot of time get tutoring without actually solving the problem.  

Let me give you some examples: 

We’d love to talk with you about your child’s learning disability. Just call us [(845) 628-7910] or fill out our contact form.

-Dr. Linda

Creative Writing Worksheets

I learned something very valuable when I was teaching 3rd grade. . . They feel programmed and trapped by rules.

I gathered the kids and told them we were going to do some creative writing. “Worksheets” about grammar and punctuation is all they knew, as I would soon find out.

So they were frozen. [Read more…]

How to Engage Beginning and Struggling Readers

There is a lot of information in this video for you to think about. We thought we’d provide a few links to some of the things we spoke about in the video. To start:

The Five Pillars of Reading. These are the fundamental parts of reading. They are worth knowing inside and out. Use them to determine what things you’re going to get for your children.

Tiger Tuesday. This is the most fun reading program on the planet. As you’ll see above we added “engagement” as the 6th pillar of reading. There is no other program that attacks all your senses and gets you involved and excited.

Reading Fluency Card Games. Reading is not fun for some kids. Just plain ole not fun. What if they could have fun and be reading at the same time?


Join Dr. Linda, educator, author, columnist and creator of the Tiger Tuesday Reading Program as she answers questions about this comprehensive and student-engaging program: