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Extensive research has shown that children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. That’s why every activity in this guide is designed for children to have fun while learning to do math.

This is especially important for the child who has dyscalculia!

The conundrum is that children with dyscalculia need to practice more than their peers – but they hate doing math. Since self-esteem develops around the same time a child learns to read and do math, children with math trouble face a two-pronged attack on their self-esteem.

In this book you’ll find activities to be used over and over again to help improve math skills at all levels.

Now you can Discover how to

  • What to do if your child has trouble with addition and subtraction
  • Learn great ways to teach measurement, money and time
  • Improve communication with your children
  • Use singing as a mathematics tool
  • Play games that really build self-esteem and improve all kinds of math skills
  • Get your kids excited about school


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