Another math game for kids

The other day I shared with you how darts make a great math game for kids. Well I wanted to include two games in that article, but felt I the article was getting a little long. So I’d like to compliment darts with a fun game of chance kids love.

In Europe they call it Super Roulette but here in the states it doesn’t really have a “common name” understood by everyone. I’d almost call it spinning top roulette.  Here’s how it works and why it is a great math game for kids.
Super Roulette is a wooden “bowl” shaped board that comes with a top and 6 small marbles.  Inside the bowl are little indentations where the balls can get “stuck” while they’re rolling around. And like billiards, there are 4 “pockets” the marbles can be shot into.

To play you put the marbles in the bowl (to which they all roll to the middle) then you find a spot and spin the top. The spinning top also moves down to the middle where the “spinning action” shoots the marbles around at lightning speed. Some of them bounce back to the middle and get shot again. Others land in the “pockets” and others roll into the indentations. Once the top stops, the turn is over.

So here’s where the math comes in. The indentations and pockets have numbers associated with them. So where ever the marbles stop is how many points you get. But you don’t just add up  your points. . . nope. . . that’d be too easy. Two of the marbles are black – they’re negative in value. Two of the marbles are red, they’re double the points and two are plain – they’re regular points.

So multiply the red points by 2, add the plain ones and subtract the black ones. 1st to 1000 is the winner!  Since there’s absolutely no skill involved all ages can play together.

Change the rules for the marbles and you can work on other parts of math. Don’t stop there, learn about more fun math games.


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