Fact Fun Math Game

Boys playing math card gamesIn fact, fun math games are better than text books!

To some children, math can seem daunting and tedious, especially if they suffer from learning disabilities, such as ADHD and/or dyscalculia. In cases where the child is showing difficulty grasping a math fact, fun math games can be the perfect activity in bridging the gaps that become obvious and creating the element of fun while learning the math facts.

Try this Path of Math Game to Have Fun with Math Facts

With this game, you will need to have some kind of materials to create a path, a floor game board, for the child to move along. Try using interlocking colorful foam pieces. Construct the path with turns, to create more of visual stimulation. Consider allow the child to put together the board on their own. [Read more…]

Having Fun With Math Fact Games

All math is built upon a foundation of memorizing simple math facts, which is why finding math fact games can be so crucial to children, especially those with ADHD and/or dyscalculia who aren’t inclined to learn as fluidly from a worksheet. Repetition is key to being successful in producing a firm foundation for all other math to build upon.

Math Fact Games are perfect for having fun while learning.math fact games

Most children love card games, such as: Go Fish, Memory, Old Maid and War. We’ve created four decks of math fact cards (examples: 6+7 =; 8-2 =; 3X4 =; 20/5 =) are the perfect way to have fun while learning math. The players will follow the rules of the popular named card games, but will need to figure out what ‘card value’ each card is to accurately play the games. [Read more…]

Math Games for Multiplication

Not everyone likes math, especially memorizing multiplication tables. That’s why it’s important to play some multiplication math games. And the best part is you don’t need a math tutor to get your kids interested in learning.

One of our favorite games is darts, as we mentioned in our discussion on how to use darts to teach math. But you can’t rely on one game to get them up to speed with their math skills. It’s best to have a small arsenal of math games for 4th graders on hand. (Especially in the summer). [Read more…]

Another math game for kids

The other day I shared with you how darts make a great math game for kids. Well I wanted to include two games in that article, but felt I the article was getting a little long. So I’d like to compliment darts with a fun game of chance kids love.

In Europe they call it Super Roulette but here in the states it doesn’t really have a “common name” understood by everyone. I’d almost call it spinning top roulette.  Here’s how it works and why it is a great math game for kids. [Read more…]

Games for kids who don’t like math

I’m excited to tell you about some  simple games for kids who don’t like math. Not only are they simple but they’re super fun.

I hate to say it but I empathize with kids who don’t like math. It’s not always easy and some of it is so far removed from their lives, I can see why they don’t understand what it’s for.

But it’s important and makes life a whole lot easier later on.  Sure there’s calculators, but you’d be surprised how many times you do instant adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing on a daily basis. Let’s at least learn those parts well.

We can leave calculus for another day.

[Read more…]

Last Minute Regents Prep: Algebra

ny-regents-mathLast minute NY Regents Prep: Algebra Exam Stuff to Know!!

.So how is the Integrated Algebra Regents exam graded?

Luckily, there’s not really any funny grading to this. There are four parts. The incorrect answers aren’t counted against you so DON’T leave a question blank. The first section is a 30 question multiple choice section. The most you can get is 30 right. If you get one wrong, you get a 29.

So if you absolutely don’t know the answer, you’ve got a better chance guessing than you do if you leave it blank.

This multiple choice section is worth 2 credits per answer. So if you get 29 right, you get 58 credits. [Read more…]

Need a Math Tutor? (Westchester or Chappaqua)

strong-learning-math-tutorsWe hope you do need a Math Tutor in Westchester or Chappaqua NY, because we’ve dedicated our lives to helping students overcome difficulties at school. Not only have we dedicated time to learning our craft, but we’ve also built a business entirely focused on what you need.

Our math tutoring services are not contract based, which can be daunting just to get started. In addition, we make sure all our tutors have Master’s Degrees AND we guarantee to you that if you’re not getting everything you need – we’ll switch you to a new tutor. No problem. [Read more…]

Famous People with Dyscalculia

It’s not easy to find a list of famous people with dyscalculia. Much of the time, people with math problems either get by, learn to overcome them or are given help without ever being diagnosed with dyscalculia. Of all the famous people we could find, we thought you’d recognize at least one person from this list of dyscalculics. [Read more…]

Dyscalculia Definition

It’s hard to write a simple dyscalculia definition. In its most primitive form dyscalculia is a wiring problem that affects the brain’s ability to make sense of numbers. Oddly, dyscalculia sufferers don’t have issues reading or writing, speaking or communicating. But when it comes to numbers, the brain doesn’t respond to math the way it is usually taught. [Read more…]

Homework Help: Math

Homework Help: Math 101 – understanding Pi.

“What do pies have to do with math? I looked up ‘pie’ in the math book and couldn’t find it.” This was a frazzled parent talking. It sounds like a cute math joke, but it’s true.

The word is spelled pi. It is a cute Greek letter that stands for a number a little bigger than three (approximately 3.14). [Read more…]