Free Math Homework Help

We received an email from a mom who was just looking for some free math homework help. She said “My 9 year old son flips out when he has to do math homework. I’ve tried many things to help him get through it.” She went on to say that by accident, she stumbled upon something that worked. [Read more…]

Are Geometry Proofs Useless or Important?

The answer is both.

High school students taking geometry, including the new NYS Regents Geometry Course, will be doing lots of geometry proofs.

Geometry Proofs: Junk or Gems?“When will I ever use this junk?” will almost certainly cross their minds. [Read more…]

Geometry Proofs Explanation

Remember geometry proofs? For many students, they are the basis of recurring nightmares.

Here is good news; they don’t have to be. Just do them as if you were telling a story.


Bear with me. If you were telling a story about your trip to a beach, is there any way you would mess things up like: “1. First I dried off with a towel, 2. then I dove into the water, 3. then I was wet and cold so I stepped out of the water.”? [Read more…]

Math Tutoring or Math Coaching

Tutoring is good and Coaching is good, but Math Tutoring & Coaching is best. Here’s why.

Tutors usually teach, or re-teach, content. Examples include how to regroup when subtracting and how to remember the amendments to the Constitution for a test on Friday. Whenever possible, a good tutor will also attempt to make the content relevant, by connecting it with other content with which the student can personally relate. [Read more…]

Dyscalculia Testing

Curious about the dyscalculia testing process? Since every child learns differently, some much more adaptable to the classroom environment than others, it sure does seem strange that schools don’t educate parents on learning disabilities. They aren’t diseases, they aren’t restricted to any IQ level or social standard – they are simply differences in the way the brain works. [Read more…]

Dyscalculia Diagnosis

If you’ve been given a dyscalculia diagnosis, and this is all new to you – don’t fret. The only thing you have to know now is that learning math is going to take a few extra steps. But the treatment can often be more fun, and lead you to a greater appreciation of math than the dyscalculia diagnosis could ever have foretold. [Read more…]

Dyscalculia Screener: Questions to ask

There’s no good way to diagnose dyscalculia in an online quiz, but these dyscalculia screener questions should help you decide if you should seek additional help. [Read more…]

Dyscalculia: Treatment that works

We’re huge fans of fun. Dyscalculia treatment doesn’t have to be hard, or boring, or long. . .it can actually be fun.

One of the reasons we wrote the dyscalculia toolkit (and why we give it away free) is because once kids understand that there are other ways to learn math – they begin to open up. [Read more…]

Geometry Proofs Problems: Why?

Lots of students love to hate “geometry proofs.” Problems and bad memories constitute many of the comments we’ve gotten. It seems many adults carry their “geometry proofs” grudges for decades. So, let’s revisit what they are and what they are for. [Read more…]

Math Learning Disabilities: Symptoms in Grade School Children

The parents of a fourth grade student suspected their son may have math learning disabilities and wanted to know how that was diagnosed. They explained that their son performed well in his other classes, but struggled with math. [Read more…]