Dyscalculia or math disability is a specific learning disability or difficulty involving innate difficulty in learning or comprehending mathematics. It is akin to dyslexia and can include confusion about math symbols.
Some people have called dyscalculia "math blindness" because those diagnosed with dyscalculia don't seem to be able to see what's being taught to them. Fortunately, like dyslexia and other learning disabilities, it's not that the person can't learn - it's more about finding the best way to learn math.
One thing you won't find anywhere else are the lessons we teach in our Dyscalculia Toolkit. We show you wonderful ways to help students learn math - and we provide it to our friends, readers and visitors free - here.
There's no real online dyscalculia test, per se. Determining whether you have dyscalculia or not really should be left to someone who can speak to teachers, parents, see past work and really talk to the student. Distractions, ADHD, poor learning environments, age and other factors can all contribute to poor math skills. Dyscalculia is something special to the way the brain operates.
Please take a look at the many articles we've written on the subject. We've covered everything from the symptoms to the causes to the diagnosis to the treatment. We invite you to not only read more, but feel free to call us and ask questions. It's our passion - and we'd love to help.

Dyscalculia Symptoms Why Can’t My Kid Do Simple Math?

If you change the name, is this a familiar scenario at your house?

“Jessica, you’re so careless. You do this all the time. Look, you failed the test because you added when you were supposed to subtract. Didn’t you see the minus sign? Then you multiplied 6×7 and put 40. You even wrote 54 instead of 31 when you recopied your answer onto the next page. What’s wrong with you?”

Jessica isn’t really careless. She’s got classic dyscalculia symptoms, a math disorder. Unfortunately, characteristics of dyscalculia are often not picked up as being a math disorder. [Read more…]