Dysgraphia is a deficiency in the ability to write, regardless of the ability to read, not due to intellectual impairment.
The handwriting of a dysgraphia sufferer makes it apparent that there is a problem. But handwriting is only one of the dysgraphia symptoms.
The dysgraphia definition doesn't give a complete picture however. People with dysgraphia are known to have issues with other things, like shoe tying, that also require fine motor skills. Since many people suffer from poor handwriting, people affected by dysgraphia often have to look at other tasks requiring the same skills to identify the pattern.
The best way to is to understand that solving it is a process. During the process, it is also helpful to understand that the child can still be learning and participating at the normal pace - with some adjustments.
Consider how helpful it would be for a student to have access to a keyboard to do assignments. How about a scribe that would write as your child speaks the answer. Even shorter assignments can make a difference. In order to allow your dysgraphia students to do these things - truly consider the goal. Will they still be able to learn?
Dysgraphia doesn't have to slow down your whole world. Plus, think how confident the student will be after conquering that setback.

Creative Writing Worksheets

I learned something very valuable when I was teaching 3rd grade. . . They feel programmed and trapped by rules.

I gathered the kids and told them we were going to do some creative writing. “Worksheets” about grammar and punctuation is all they knew, as I would soon find out.

So they were frozen. [Read more…]

Strategies for Dysgraphia:

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 1.57.01 PMTips to Turning a Struggling Writer into a Happy Writer

A struggling writer doesn’t necessarily mean that they are unable to write, but it can mean that with the right assistance they can become a happy writer. And not all struggling writers think like a dysgraphic mind will have you thinking. But struggling is no fun either way. So here are some strategies for dysgraphia or anyone who just doesn’t enjoy writing.

No matter where you begin, fun should be the main objective. The idea is to turn the assignment into a game by sparking the imagination. Some children will need more than a spark to get the writing juices going, but the important aspect is giving as many aids until it clicks.

Here are a few strategies for dysgraphia to help you in providing the sparks that will turn that struggling writer into a happy writer. [Read more…]

What does a dysgraphia diagnosis mean?

dysgraphia-diagnosisThis is a story about a dysgraphia diagnosis.

Josh struggles in school because writing is so hard for him. Even though he tries writing until his hand hurts, he can’t ever seem to form the letters correctly or put his thoughts on paper. He has trouble copying from the board and he can’t take legible notes. He has trouble writing down his homework assignments which frustrates his parents because they can’t help him with his homework. They can’t decipher what he writes. His teachers ask him to rewrite his papers because they can’t read them. His spelling is abysmal and his grammar, punctuation and capitalization are just as poor. Josh even struggles in math class because his numbers get mixed up. One column of numbers somehow ends up in the other column and his fours look like nines and his sixes never seemed to be closed so they are misinterpreted as ones. [Read more…]

Causes of Dysgraphia

dysgraphia-tutoring (2)I was dismayed to see how many people research the causes of dysgraphia. Dysgraphia is a not a disease or a fungus or an affliction like frostbite. Dysgraphia describes a difficulty some brains have communicating actions that require the body’s fine motor skills, like writing and shoe tying. [Read more…]

What is dysgraphia?

dysgaphia-helpWhat is dysgraphia? If you read most definitions you’d come away with the idea that it is some disease that needs treating, but that is far from true. Dysgraphia is a term that describes a communication path between the brain and the fingers. That’s it. [Read more…]

Symptoms of Dysgraphia | Q and A

Dear Dr. Linda,

I’m writing because I have some questions about the symptoms of dysgraphia. Our four-year-old, Ethan, is having a real hard time learning to write. He still can’t remember how to write the letters of the alphabet, how to write the numbers or how to write his name.

What is the average age in which kids learn to write?  Does this mean he has dysgraphia? Ethan’s Parents [Read more…]

Handwriting without tears

Handwriting without tearsHandwriting without tears is something parents of dysgraphia kids often can only dream about. Fortunately, that reality may be coming sooner than you think.

You may have noticed there has been a lot of talk in the news lately about handwriting. The issue was sparked when the media picked up on a new elementary school trend. Cursive is no longer being taught anymore at many schools. Cursive is that artsy handwriting style that we once used to write our term papers in school. [Read more…]

Dyslexia Dysgraphia Dyscalculia

Dyslexia Dysgraphia Dyscalculia

I bet for most of you dyslexia is the only one you’ve heard of.  And if I added dyspraxia to the list, it would sound even odder, right? Well, unfortunately there are hundreds of thousands of people who’ve learned they suffer from these learning disorders.

Learning Disorders is the label they’ve been given because early on, they primarily affected students in typical classroom environments. And someone somewhere decided that if you can’t learn in a typical classroom environment, you must have a disorder.

What they probably didn’t know is that you don’t have a disorder at all, [Read more…]

Dysgraphia Symptoms: A Parent’s Guide

Dysgraphia symptoms are important to understand. Knowledge of them will greatly enhance your ability to diagnose dysgraphia. But understand that all dysgraphia symptoms can be distilled down to one simple concept. The brain of a dysgraphia sufferer has trouble communicating with the hand when writing, and the hand has trouble giving the necessary feedback. [Read more…]

Dysgraphia Definition

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary lists the dysgraphia definition as the “impairment of the ability to write caused by brain damage”. Pronounced (dĭs-grăf’ē-ə) this noun is described this way in most dictionaries. One dictionary even said it was otherwise known as “writer’s cramp”. To state the dysgraphia definition that way really does belittle its veracity and doesn’t really illustrate an image of the typical person with dysgraphia. [Read more…]