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Getting a math tutor for your child

homework-tips-sign-upOne of the reasons people consider getting a math tutor is  because their child needs individualized help. As a tutoring company, we recognize that more than anyone and do our best to fit the right math tutor with student. In fact, if the relationship isn’t gelling or the styles of learning don’t mesh – we get you working with another right away.

Does it have to be perfect the first time? Definitely not. And why would it? Just like neighbors, co-workers and friends there are some people we just totally connect with right away. So make sure when you’re getting a math tutor for your child you get comfortable with the company because your child may want to meet one or two tutors to make a perfect match.  [Read more…]

Another math game for kids

The other day I shared with you how darts make a great math game for kids. Well I wanted to include two games in that article, but felt I the article was getting a little long. So I’d like to compliment darts with a fun game of chance kids love.

In Europe they call it Super Roulette but here in the states it doesn’t really have a “common name” understood by everyone. I’d almost call it spinning top roulette.  Here’s how it works and why it is a great math game for kids. [Read more…]

Games for kids who don’t like math

I’m excited to tell you about some  simple games for kids who don’t like math. Not only are they simple but they’re super fun.

I hate to say it but I empathize with kids who don’t like math. It’s not always easy and some of it is so far removed from their lives, I can see why they don’t understand what it’s for.

But it’s important and makes life a whole lot easier later on.  Sure there’s calculators, but you’d be surprised how many times you do instant adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing on a daily basis. Let’s at least learn those parts well.

We can leave calculus for another day.

[Read more…]

Need a Math Tutor? (Westchester or Chappaqua)

strong-learning-math-tutorsWe hope you do need a Math Tutor in Westchester or Chappaqua NY, because we’ve dedicated our lives to helping students overcome difficulties at school. Not only have we dedicated time to learning our craft, but we’ve also built a business entirely focused on what you need.

Our math tutoring services are not contract based, which can be daunting just to get started. In addition, we make sure all our tutors have Master’s Degrees AND we guarantee to you that if you’re not getting everything you need – we’ll switch you to a new tutor. No problem. [Read more…]

Homework Help: Math

Homework Help: Math 101 – understanding Pi.

“What do pies have to do with math? I looked up ‘pie’ in the math book and couldn’t find it.” This was a frazzled parent talking. It sounds like a cute math joke, but it’s true.

The word is spelled pi. It is a cute Greek letter that stands for a number a little bigger than three (approximately 3.14). [Read more…]

Free Math Homework Help

We received an email from a mom who was just looking for some free math homework help. She said “My 9 year old son flips out when he has to do math homework. I’ve tried many things to help him get through it.” She went on to say that by accident, she stumbled upon something that worked. [Read more…]

Are Geometry Proofs Useless or Important?

The answer is both.

High school students taking geometry, including the new NYS Regents Geometry Course, will be doing lots of geometry proofs.

Geometry Proofs: Junk or Gems?“When will I ever use this junk?” will almost certainly cross their minds. [Read more…]

Geometry Proofs Explanation

Remember geometry proofs? For many students, they are the basis of recurring nightmares.

Here is good news; they don’t have to be. Just do them as if you were telling a story.


Bear with me. If you were telling a story about your trip to a beach, is there any way you would mess things up like: “1. First I dried off with a towel, 2. then I dove into the water, 3. then I was wet and cold so I stepped out of the water.”? [Read more…]

Math Tutoring or Math Coaching

Tutoring is good and Coaching is good, but Math Tutoring & Coaching is best. Here’s why.

Tutors usually teach, or re-teach, content. Examples include how to regroup when subtracting and how to remember the amendments to the Constitution for a test on Friday. Whenever possible, a good tutor will also attempt to make the content relevant, by connecting it with other content with which the student can personally relate. [Read more…]

Geometry Proofs Problems: Why?

Lots of students love to hate “geometry proofs.” Problems and bad memories constitute many of the comments we’ve gotten. It seems many adults carry their “geometry proofs” grudges for decades. So, let’s revisit what they are and what they are for. [Read more…]