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Seventh Grade Algebra Tutor?

Dr. Linda's School Success Q & ADear Dr. Linda,

He fails almost every test. I’m confused because he seems to understand his seventh grade algebra, but when he takes a test, he always makes these careless mistakes. No matter how many times I show him what he did wrong, he does it again.

What can I do? Do I need a seventh grade algebra tutor?

Seth’s Mom
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How to Hire a Math Tutor – Questions to ask

Your child deserves to succeed in school. Unfortunately, a math tutor is often the last place parents turn to help their children. Once taking away the iPod after school, or limiting TV or even helping your child with their homework doesn’t appear to be working, hire a professional.

There are tricks, methods, systems and approaches known to coaches and tutors that just aren’t common knowledge. And that may be the reason they are often so successful. [Read more…]

Tutors: When a Child Needs Extra Help

What do you do if your child is struggling in math and reading but the school says she doesn’t qualify for special help?

Tutoring is a wonderful solution if you can afford it. A qualified, experienced tutor can change a child’s life but only if the tutoring addresses the problem your child is experiencing.

Before parents start paying a tutor, or signing up for after school tutoring at one of the franchises, they need to know why their child is struggling. They need to find the cause of the problem or they can end up wasting a lot of money. [Read more…]

Calculators in school – When is it OK?

Many teachers encourage kids to use calculators at school rather than working out the arithmetic. Others insist that children do the math, that they memorize arithmetic facts and review them often.

So who’s right?

Obviously, kids need to learn basic skills, and kids also need to learn to use the new technology that’s available. [Read more…]

Math Tests: Correcting Careless Mistakes

Some kids struggle with math tests. They seem to understand math concepts but when it comes to the tests, they often fail almost every test. They’ll make careless mistakes or seem to forget everything they’ve been taught.

It’s easy to help them if you can figure out why they’re not doing better on math tests.

Some reasons your kids could be making careless mistakes include: [Read more…]

When Math Struggles Cause Tears

Math troubles reasonsMath may be difficult even the brightest kids.

Some kids who are great in social studies and science may have trouble just learning multiplication facts. Some have trouble with anything to do with math. For these kids math homework leads to frustration and tears.

I’ll never forget this adorable little 6th grader I worked with. She was smart, vivacious, talkative and loved school.

Then she had to do fractions. Her whole personality changed as she went into panic mode. As the saying goes, “she looked like a deer caught in headlights.” She’s not alone. Many children panic when they hear the word math.

The first thing you have to do is to learn why math is so difficult. [Read more…]

“I Hate Geometry Proofs. They’re Stupid.”

Do you hear a lot of grumbling in your home when high schools kids struggle with geometry proofs and can’t see the point?

Are geometry proofs really necessary? Do they have a purpose other than passing the math test and doing well on standardized tests?  Is this a life skill your kids will use?

Unless your child majors in math, it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever need to the specific skill required in completing geometry proofs. And chances are he’ll soon forget how to do them.

So what’s the point? Why do we make kids go through this ordeal?

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Math Homework Help – Tutors or Coaches

Your teen’s having trouble in algebra. Maybe your second grader is already behind in arithmetic.  Perhaps you have a high school senior who wants to do well on his SAT’s and feels he’s not prepared. Where do you go for math homework help? And how do you choose the right person? You could look for a math tutor? Or would a coach would be better?

Tutors usually teach, or re-teach, content. Examples include how to regroup when subtracting, how to remember the amendments to the Constitution for the test on Friday, how to conjugate French verbs. Whenever possible, a good tutor will offer math homework help relevant by connecting it with other content that’s meaningful to the student.

Coaches, on the other hand, basically help students learn how to learn. By focusing on the process of learning as opposed to reteaching content, students learn invaluable life-long skills and strategies. [Read more…]