How to Engage Beginning and Struggling Readers

There is a lot of information in this video for you to think about. We thought we’d provide a few links to some of the things we spoke about in the video. To start:

The Five Pillars of Reading. These are the fundamental parts of reading. They are worth knowing inside and out. Use them to determine what things you’re going to get for your children.

Tiger Tuesday. This is the most fun reading program on the planet. As you’ll see above we added “engagement” as the 6th pillar of reading. There is no other program that attacks all your senses and gets you involved and excited.

Reading Fluency Card Games. Reading is not fun for some kids. Just plain ole not fun. What if they could have fun and be reading at the same time?


Join Dr. Linda, educator, author, columnist and creator of the Tiger Tuesday Reading Program as she answers questions about this comprehensive and student-engaging program:


Home School Curriculum: Reading can be fun!

There are so many Home School Curriculum Reading Programs, but most don’t address the issue of fun. Some kids just don’t like to read and trying to make them read just makes it worse.

reading-for-homeschoolingThe worst part is. . . that’s why you homeschooled in the first place. You wanted to provide a relevant, superior and “fun” experience for your kids. But reading book after book, writing report after report just isn’t that.

One of the ways we really work with our students (including those learning to operate with dyslexia) is by injecting fun in the lessons. For instance, as you may have read earlier, some of our students play darts and games like it to improve their math skills. That might seem odd, but have you ever seen someone frowning while playing darts? [Read more…]

What Do I Do If My Child Has Trouble Reading?

Child reading problems should not be left to chance. Reading is one of the most important skills children needs to master. They’ll need reading in every subject in school and in almost every facet of life. Yet, millions of kids have poor reading skills. If you see your child is having trouble with reading, it’s important look into it as early as possible.

This is important because child reading problems often cause children to develop emotional problems. It’s easy to see why: frustration, disappointment, guilt, anger, and fear associated with their inability to read easily. Here are the effective strategies. [Read more…]

Dr. Linda Answers Your Questions | Reading but Doesn’t Get It

Dr. Linda's School Success Q & ADear Dr. Linda,

My son is in fourth grade and he loves to read, but he has no idea what he’s reading! He reads stories to his younger brother who is four. My four-year-old can tell me about the story, but his fourth grade brother can’t. I’m concerned there’s something wrong with him. -Janet

Dear Janet,

What’s happening is that he’s learned to read as if he’s reading a word list. He’s not visualizing an image in his head nor is thinking about the story. Also, he may not be focusing. All he’s doing is reading words. [Read more…]

Dr. Linda Answers Your Questions | Not Reading in 2nd Grade?

Dr. Linda's School Success Q & ADear Dr. Linda,

My daughter is in second grade and is still not reading. My husband and I are very concerned. My mother in law is a retired teacher. She keeps telling us to relax and that she will read because everyone reads at a different time of their life. Her teacher wants to test her to see if there are other issues that might be causing the problem. I agree with my mother-in-law, but suppose she finishes second grade and still can’t read. I also agree with her teacher because I want to know what’s wrong and if I can do something to help her.  Mom of Non-reader

Dear Mom of Non-Reader,

Your daughter’s difficulty with reading is very frustrating for you and your daughter. Be assured that your mother-in-law is right. Every child reads when they are ready to read. However, some children have more difficulty than others and need a little more help to learn to read. Therefore, the teacher is also right.

You need to learn what is causing the problem and then address it. You may discover that it’s just developmental delay and there are no issues causing the problem. Your mother-in-law will be right, and that’ll be great.

But if there is something that you can be helping her with now, it’s good to start right away. Talk to the teacher and the specialist who will be doing the testing. Look into the tests that will be given. Continue to be a supportive and informed parent with an open mind and you’ll see, your child will read.

Best wishes to your and your daughter,
Dr. Linda

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Fun Summer Writing Boosts Fall School Success

Summer is time for playing, having fun, relaxing . . . and yes, for learning too.  Summer learning will boost school success in the fall.  We just need to make sure that summer learning is relaxed and fun.

Even writing can be lots of fun.

My friend went to visit her grandkids. She took each of the girls a make-your-own scrapbook kit with stickers and cut outs, pages for pictures, pages for drawing and pages for writing.

The three girls, a 1st grader, a 3rd grader, and a 5th grader, sat down at the dining room table with their grandma, their scrapbooks, and the necessary supplies.  [Read more…]