How to Find a Tutor

When kids struggle in school, parents want to get help for them. But how to find a tutor who can help their kids and not break the bank can be a problem. Dr. Linda tells you how to find a tutor and what to look out for so you aren’t paying too much while your kids still don’t get the help they need.

Dear Dr. Linda,

How to Find a TutorWe have two kids, and we think both of them need tutors. But we don’t know who to go to. Jillian is a ninth grader who’s failing the new Common Core algebra class, and Dillon, our fifth grader, has trouble with reading and writing. My best friend actually took out a loan from a tutoring service so she could get help for her kids. My husband and I can’t afford private tutoring because it’s so expensive, and there’s no way we’re taking out a loan. I don’t want my kids to fail, but I don’t want to end up in the poor house either. Need some advice on how to go about finding a tutor for our kids without paying too much or ending up with loans to pay back. Jean

 Dear Jean,

Before you and your husband consider finding a tutor, [Read more…]