Causes of Dyslexia

We often hear people ask what causes dyslexia? While it’s hard not to chuckle, it’s kind of a funny question. It’s a little bit like asking “what causes perfect pitch”? The only difference between those two questions is the first sounds bad and the second sounds good.
Dyslexia isn’t a disease that has a cause. It’s not like pointing at the cracked dam as the source of the local flood. There is no answer to what are the causes of dyslexia, because dyslexia is not the result of something.

Did you know that there are rarely “cases of dyslexia” in Africa, among the Indians or in the Aborigine tribes? Do you know why that is? Dyslexia is the term that describes people who don’t fit the learning model of the traditional school education. If you teach a nation of educators to teach basically the same way to millions of children, wouldn’t it be a reasonable expectation that some of the kids might not learn that way?

If you answered, “yes”, then you understand the causes of dyslexia. Everyone’s brain is wired differently – no different than fingerprints. But when it comes to learning, children diagnosed with dyslexia are wired for learning just different enough that they can not meet our traditional expectations in the traditional environment.

If that sounds simplistic, then take a look at these famous people with dyslexia who have pushed aside this “disease” and found success anyway. Consider the thousands of children who are able to get good grades, focus and excel. When the learning is tailored to the specific chemistry in their brain, children with dyslexia can begin to understand how they learn – and thus find the confidence and learning easier.

So what does cause perfect pitch? It’s the brain having a supreme command of musical notes and the ability to match tones you hear to tones you can physically reproduce – perfectly. It’s the brain. Suppose music teachers taught with the expectation that everyone has perfect pitch, would some kids then be classified as “dys-pitch-ia sufferers”? Suppose you took those kids aside and taught them music understanding they don’t have perfect pitch, could they then excel?


Would they ever have perfect pitch – probably not. Some things you just can’t learn. But they can learn music a different way and can lead just as fulfilling lives.

If you or your child has dyslexia, call us! ((845) 628-7910) We’d love to help you understand how it can be overcome. Have faith in yourself. We do – and we have faith in you. All it takes is an understanding that dyslexia isn’t a disease – it’s a speed bump you can easily drive over.

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