What Do I Do If My Child Has Trouble Reading?

Child reading problems should not be left to chance. Reading is one of the most important skills children needs to master. They’ll need reading in every subject in school and in almost every facet of life. Yet, millions of kids have poor reading skills. If you see your child is having trouble with reading, it’s important look into it as early as possible.

This is important because child reading problems often cause children to develop emotional problems. It’s easy to see why: frustration, disappointment, guilt, anger, and fear associated with their inability to read easily. Here are the effective strategies.

  • Have your child seen by a pediatric ophthalmologist to evaluate if she may be struggling with reading because she is having difficulty seeing the words.
  • Have your child evaluated by the school district or, if you prefer, have your child evaluated by a qualified professional outside of the school. Be sure a thorough diagnoses is made so that the correct remediation is used.
  • Hire a qualified reading tutor, one with an Orton Gillingham multisensory background, with whom your child is comfortable. He or she will be able to help your child and you with all aspects of reading. Call us or visit our tutoring site, StrongLearning.com for help finding a qualified tutor in your area.
  • Help your child learn phonics by playing games such as Memory, Go Fish, War and Old Maid with the Phonics Card Games from Stronglearning.com.
  • To improve fluency, read easy to read books with your child, one or two levels below grade level. Also read poems and/or plays over and over again.

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Be patient. Be sure to give your child adequate time. Those with reading problems tend to need more time than the average reader because they use different neural paths when decoding. Although they will eventually read, and may even become great readers, they may always need a little extra time.

If your child is classified as dyslexic or learning disabled, learn about the child reading problem classes and modifications available to her. Call us and we can help “unmuddy” the waters. The whole process of getting help for your children’s reading problems is frustrating and unclear. Fortunately, we’ve helped thousands of parents chart a trip to success. Let us at least answer your questions.


  1. Hello!
    I have 12 years old son he is in 6th grade and was diagnosed with ADD when he was in 2nd grade. He is reading at a second grade level with very poor fluency. in second grade he was placed in a CTT class and in 5th he was placed in a 12 to 1 setting, which I have seen that is not benefiting him. When he is read to his comprehension is excellent but when he reads he doesn’t comprehend due to the lack of fluency. what recommendations can you can you give me

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