Creative Writing Worksheets

I learned something very valuable when I was teaching 3rd grade. . . They feel programmed and trapped by rules.

I gathered the kids and told them we were going to do some creative writing. “Worksheets” about grammar and punctuation is all they knew, as I would soon find out.

So they were frozen.

They wanted to know if spelling counted. They wanted to know how many words were required. They wanted to know what words they were supposed to include.

It was sad really. We’d programmed our kids to only do what was asked of them. To only jump when we said jump.

So I thought we should create a whole set of creative writing worksheets. And we did. And we know you’ll love them.
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There’s nothing more creative than a blank sheet of paper, but that can be scary too. With these creative writing worksheets we really get your kids thinking about fun things.

They start with prompts like:

“I am thinking of a container and it’s shaped like ________________”
“If you touch the container it feels like ______________”
“Some things that could fit in this container are ____________”

And a bunch more. The kids we tutor absolutely love these workbooks and we want you to try them with your kids.

Take a moment, and explore these creative writing worksheets for yourself.

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