Getting a math tutor for your child

homework-tips-sign-upOne of the reasons people consider getting a math tutor is  because their child needs individualized help. As a tutoring company, we recognize that more than anyone and do our best to fit the right math tutor with student. In fact, if the relationship isn’t gelling or the styles of learning don’t mesh – we get you working with another right away.

Does it have to be perfect the first time? Definitely not. And why would it? Just like neighbors, co-workers and friends there are some people we just totally connect with right away. So make sure when you’re getting a math tutor for your child you get comfortable with the company because your child may want to meet one or two tutors to make a perfect match. 

So how do you know if it’s working?

Fun. If the child is having fun with the tutor -then it’s working. The tutor will do their job and will teach. In this case math.  That tutor has the best of both worlds when the students actually enjoys the tutoring process.

And for you as a parent, isn’t it much better on your stress level when you don’t have to fight? Think about the difference between taking the children shopping with you or taking them to a friend’s house? When the air is free of stress and anger the learning environment is so wonderful.

What about benchmarks?

Once you find a tutor who works great with your child, then meet with them separately and talk about benchmarks. Ask the tutor what they think the goals should be for the child. And tell them your goals. The education side of the tutor should be the easiest part.

Once that relationship is in place and your child actually looks forward to the session, then the tutor can work to accomplish whatever goals you need. That sense of trust between the tutor and child is important because it opens up the child to whatever kind of learning the tutor suggests.

Do learning styles matter?

Most definitely. That’s what individualized learning is. Did you know that your child likely learns many different ways?  You’ll hear people say “I’m a visual learner” or “I need to be able to touch it”. . . And typically those are very true statements.

But the visual learner has probably memorized lyrics from songs on the radio, and the “touch learner” has probably enjoyed an audio book or two.  But our mind is able to process information from a variety of sources. What you need to think about when getting a math tutor is making sure the tutor understands that and presents information in different ways regularly.

If you see the tutor doing something a bit crazy, like playing a card game or something, get excited. When you get all those neurons firing kids can really learn. Just think about how much math is involved with darts? Adding up the dart values, multiplying the ones that land in double and triple spots, subtracting from 301. That can be much more valuable than flash cards.

Getting a math tutor should be a fun experience. If you’re in NY, call us and let us help you get your child excited about math.


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