Get help with ISEE, SSAT and TACHS tests

As a Strong Learning Tutor, I have helped many 8th graders prepare for the ISEE, the SSAT  and the TACHS. Children learn proven techniques on how to answer the different types of questions, and by helping them in areas in which they need to improve.

I help each student become comfortable with the format of the various test sections. I show each student how to approach answering the reading sections from vocabulary, to short answer to grammar, to reading comprehension. As for the math section, I help them review and practice different types of math questions, from decimals to percents, charts to graphs, algebra to geometry. Our tutoring program covers every section of the particular test kids are taking in order to help them have a better chance of getting into the private school of their choice.

We also offer one to one tutoring or small groups. There are many advantages to being tutored privately. One advantage is that every lesson is tailored to the child’s academic needs. Also, each session is held around the child’s schedule and in the child’s home or at a convenient location. However, if children prefer being part of a small group, we offer that that as well. The advantage of the small group is hearing questions from other students you hadn’t thought to ask yet. We match children by ability so the speed of learning will not be an issue.

Finally, to raise scores on the SSAT, ISEE and TACHS tests, all children must take at least one official practice test, under timed conditions. This helps them learn how to pace themselves. We explain to them that they might be disappointed with their scores at first, but not to worry, because we’ll teach them the strategies and concepts they’ll need to raise their scores.

Call us at Strong Learning (845-628-7910) and talk over your options about joining the next class.

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