Homework Tantrums – Questions from Parents

Homework HelpDear Dr. Linda,

Our second grader loves school. But homework is another issue. He hates to do homework, sometimes to the point of throwing tantrums. We tell him that if he gets it done, he can play. But he never has time to play since it takes him hours because he wastes so much time.

We’re trying to teach him that he has to do his homework, but things just seem to be getting worse. B.L.

Dear B.L.,

Homework is a major problem today. It’s not a problem for children who enjoy school work. To them, homework is like play. But for many children, school is work. For some, like your son, drudgery. It makes them tired and stressed. These children need to come home from school, eat a snack and then play.

Playing is such an important part of child development that some communities have convinced the school boards to encourage teachers not to give homework in the lowest grades and to limit the amounts in the higher elementary grades.

However, since your child does have homework, let’s deal with that.

Help him find a time that’s convenient, when he’s not tired or hungry. If he works diligently on it and it takes him more than 20 minutes, which is enough for second graders, talk to his teacher. He may not understand the material, or it’s too much for him at this stage of his development.

I’ve compiled a detailed list of the “Top 25 Homework Tips.” Some of them may help solve the homework issue in your home. It’s a free bonus when you sign up for my free “School Success Newsletter” in the right-hand column at the top of the page.

Wishing your and your child a happy and successful school year,

Dr. Linda

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