Learning Disabilities Tutor

We’ve been learning disabilities tutors for a long time.  And for some of our students, we’re their mentors and friends for a long time after that. In a world that doesn’t really understand learning disabilities – you sure do find family when you get together.

We’ve spent some time recently creating some great “fun in learning packs” for our students and visitors of this blog to download and enjoy.   What better tutor can you have but one who also shows you ways to help yourself so you can constantly be improving?

BUT. . . it’s got to be fun.

We created all the activities over the years to be fun! We use all of them and the kids love them. Without telling them that they’re learning basic skills, they are because they’re having fun.

We read EVERYDAY – but sometimes when we ask them if we did reading today, and they say, “No.”  It’s because they’re learning by playing. That was the intent of all three packs.

There’s enough medicinal programs out there…Wilson, PAF, Linda Moodbell, etc. Kids with these disorders get these in school and they don’t want to do them. Our focus has been…learn through play and it works. By the way, there’s a lot of research to back this.

You can find our fun in learning packs (toolkits) in the right side margin of each page here on http://drlindasblog.com. They’re free to download and have. Consider them a “portable learning disabilities tutor you can use at home.”

When I tell a parent of an elementary school child that when we’re tutoring the child,  they’ll also be having fun, our new parents are surprised and thrilled. It makes it much easier for them and they feel good.

What’s really important is to make sure the child is excited to come and learn. If the child isn’t excited, then the tutor needs to be changed. How can you learn against your will?

Our homework for our students is to play these games. The parents tell me that they play all week. I once had a little second grade girl ask me if she could have her birthday party here. (How good would that make you feel?)

The key to success as a learning disabilities tutor is to make sure that your time spent with the child is efficient and productive – but also fun and energetic. These kids need lots of practice – if they can practice and not know it – that’s even better.

Look for our “Fun in Learning Packs” all over this site. Download yours today.

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