Math Games for Multiplication

Not everyone likes math, especially memorizing multiplication tables. That’s why it’s important to play some multiplication math games. And the best part is you don’t need a math tutor to get your kids interested in learning.

One of our favorite games is darts, as we mentioned in our discussion on how to use darts to teach math. But you can’t rely on one game to get them up to speed with their math skills. It’s best to have a small arsenal of math games for 4th graders on hand. (Especially in the summer).

So I’d like to introduce you to our math card games. The secret here is the cards themselves. You probably already know how to play Old Maid, or War. It’s the cards that make the difference.

Let’s look at War. There’s not a lot of skill involved, but there is a whole lotta fun. Each player lays a card down, the high card wins. The person to get all the cards in the deck wins. But instead of cards that say 4, Ace, King and 10 on them, we made cards that say “6 x 7”, “8 x 5” and “4 x 3”. I guarantee they learn quick AND memorize the answers without even trying.

If you are looking for something to do right now, you could even download and print them off if you wanted. Just CLICK HERE to get these math games for 4th graders.

Otherwise, teach them how to play darts and they’ll love to use math.

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