Math Homework Help – Tutors or Coaches

Your teen’s having trouble in algebra. Maybe your second grader is already behind in arithmetic.  Perhaps you have a high school senior who wants to do well on his SAT’s and feels he’s not prepared. Where do you go for math homework help? And how do you choose the right person? You could look for a math tutor? Or would a coach would be better?

Tutors usually teach, or re-teach, content. Examples include how to regroup when subtracting, how to remember the amendments to the Constitution for the test on Friday, how to conjugate French verbs. Whenever possible, a good tutor will offer math homework help relevant by connecting it with other content that’s meaningful to the student.

Coaches, on the other hand, basically help students learn how to learn. By focusing on the process of learning as opposed to reteaching content, students learn invaluable life-long skills and strategies.

Examples include

• Note-taking skills
• Organization strategies
• Reading comprehension
• Study skills
• Task analysis
• Test-taking strategies
• Motivation techniques
• Planning strategies
• Reflection techniques
• Critical thinking skills

Good coaching, by design, leads to independence, or at least, less dependence on the coach.

In school, because of the curriculum demands, teachers usually just teach. That’s all they have time to do. Similarly, tutors tend to just teach, because that’s the routine they’re familiar with.

Tutors have been around for a very long time. Coaching is a more recent phenomena and reflects our understanding of the importance of learning how to learn. Students who know how to learn will do well in most subjects. At the same time, your kids must know the course material in their classes in order to get a good grade.

Skillful, experienced educational professionals, like ours here at Strong Learning,  are both coaches and tutors. And they have the judgment and experience to know the amount of each to apply to a specific situation.

So, at times they teach, at times they coach, but most of they time they skillfully do both. And above all, they don’t use a cookie cutter approach but tailor their coaching and tutoring to your child’s needs and schedule.

Call us to see how we can help provide the best math homework help your child needs.

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