Through their company, Strong Learning, Inc., Dr. Linda Silbert and Dr. Al Silbert offer a variety of educational books and games for your children.

Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids

Get your copy now of Why Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids: What Parents Need to Know, What Parents Need to Do by Linda Bress Silbert, PhD & Alvin J. Silbert, EdD, with a Foreword by Al Roker, Co-host of the Today Show.

In this award-winning book parents and educators will find Linda and Al Silberts’ STRONG Learning Program an educational breakthrough.

Focusing on six key areas—Self-esteem, Trust, Responsibility, Options, Needs, and Goals—the program will help struggling students and academic stars alike achieve academic success.

When children get bad grades, it can seem they are simply lazy or not trying hard enough. In fact, bad grades are usually symptoms of other problems which this book will help parents discover and resolve.

This accessible book will help you:

• Learn the real causes of low grades

• Improve communication with your children

• Address problems in a positive, constructive manner

• Increase children’s confidence and self-esteem

• Get children excited about school

Order two copies today One for you. One for your child’s teacher. It’s available in paperback or Kindle version.

You’ll find more of the Silberts’ educational books and games at Strong Learning, Inc.

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