Worried that your Child may be Struggling with a Learning Disability?

learning-disability-serviceYou’re afraid something’s wrong – We are very good at pinpointing what it is.

Learning Disabilities Diagnostic Service

If your child is suffering from a learning disability, the best thing you can do for them is to get the best help possible, as soon as possible.There’s no need to keep worrying. You can find out what is going on and what to do about it. To make your child a strong learner today, keep reading!

Purpose of Service

The purpose of this service is to quickly arrive at a diagnosis for your child’s learning difficulty. We do this by using the best diagnostic tests to assess your child’s ability, only testing exactly what is necessary.

In most cases you will not require any further testing after this assessment session. This saves you time and money. It can be done in as little as two or three hours, and can be completed in a single session.  And kids enjoy it because we find it easier to help them when they’re having fun.

We specialize in tests for:-

  • ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder
  • ADHD –Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Autism
  • Dyslexia –Problems with reading
  • Dysgraphia – Problems with Writing
  • Dyscalcula – Problems with numbers
  • And several more

Intended Results

We Will Diagnose The Disability, then Make Your Child a Stronger Learner

This service will tell you if the source of your child’s difficulty is from one of the following problem areas. Specifically, we check to see if it could be:-

  • A mild or severe reading problem
  • A plain old lack of basic skills
  • An auditory or visual decoding or processing problem
  • A mild or severe writing problem (which even effects maths)
  • A sleep related problem…they may not be getting enough of it.
  • Related to nutrition i.e. they’re hungry or not getting the right food.
  •  A brain pace or decoding problem…they’re getting overwhelmed with too much coming at them too fast.
  •  An anxiety related problem or relating to their emotions or self esteem.
  • A developmental problem such as attention deficit.
  • A teaching problem, related to deficiencies in teaching or mismatch of learning and teaching styles.


    We’ve got great programs to help children learn how to overcome any one of these issues and would love to tailor it to you.  It will be created with our expert staff of educators, counsellors, and learning specialists.


    After the testing, we evaluate which intervention is needed. This will give you lots of solutions and options for each of your child’s specific problems. We’ll work to find a good fit between your child and a tutor. This includes working with you to fit your child’s tutoring into your family’s busy schedule.


    We will also work directly with you, your child, and the school to achieve the optimum outcome and improve your child’s success in every setting. Not only do grades go up, but so does your child’s confidence and self-esteem!


Diagnosing a learning disability usually takes place in an informal way over the course of 2 -3 hours. Using observation, and simple interaction with your child through games and our own specially developed techniques, we can quickly refine and pinpoint the probable cause of your child’s difficulty. Most children only need a single session for diagnosis.

We only run our specific in-house diagnostic tests if needed, saving you time an also money. In addition to diagnostic tests, we also have achievement tests which the ability to effectively measure:-

  • Essential reading components such as phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Essential writing components such as writing structure, grammar and punctuation, cApiTaLiZaTion and spelling.
  • Essential Math components such as addition and substration, multiplication facts and times tables, division, fractions, decimals and percentages, algebra, geometry trigonometry.

All our tests at StrongLearning include:-
1. Identification if your child needs intervention
2. Evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses
3. Tracking of their progress
4. An offer of multiple ongoing learning solutions

If we feel we can help you further this may include one of our tutoring services.

If your child needs further outside diagnostic help (like vision or hearing exams), we will make recommendations for that too.

Our tutoring is done on an ongoing basis without long term contracts.

Testimonials – Quotes from people who have used this service and specific results they got from using it.

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