Linda and Al SilbertThrough their company, Strong Learning, Inc., Dr. Linda Silbert and her husband, Dr. Al Silbert, provide Tutoring Services for all grades and subjects, a wide range of Test Preparation classes, Educational Testing and Evaluation, and College Advisement.

These services are offered in your home or at a convenient location near you.  Locations in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California.  No contracts.

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Call Strong Learning today at  845-628-7910, 914-238-1850 or 1-888-3STRONG (1-888-378-764). You can also use our contact form to send us a message.

Our onsite Tutoring Services in the Westchester County NY area (and beyond) include:


  • Learning Disabilities (including dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia)
  • Phonics (using Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory methods)
  • ADHD
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Languages (including Italian, French, Spanish, and Chinese)
  • Science
  • Language Arts
  • Study Skills
  • Educational Testing and Evaluation
  • Homework Help

Test Prep classes are offered both one-to-one and in small groups. Test Prep classes include:

  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • New York Regents
  • AP
  • IEE

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Call today for your free consultation and to set an appointment for your child:  845-628-7910, 914-238-1850, or 1-888-3STRONG (1-888-378-764) If your child keeps failing tests, there’s a reason and it’s important to find out what it is before spending a lot of money on tutoring. The tutoring needs to be exactly what the child needs. We tell parents that more does not mean better. It really is horrible how so many parents sign up and pay for these big companies and kids spend hours after school at these places when they may only need a little help or the parents need to change what they’re doing.  The consultation is a necessary part of that process. Why spend hours and hours getting tutored, when your kid may only need to learn a better way to study?

Many of our clients refer to us as their “child advocate” – but we never claim that we’re child advocates, and do not advertise that we are. A child advocate by definition addresses the child’s mental health, education, legal and medical issues. Most child advocates work for the government on the county, state or federal level. They have to have a background in the laws pertaining to child protection. I refer many families to the child advocates in Putnam and Westchester counties because they’re less expensive than a private educational attorney.

While I am not a “child advocate”, I advocate for children because I know what they need as far as their educational needs, how they need to be taught, what should be in their IEP, etc., My degree is in education, counseling and PhD in education specializing in counseling. My doctoral dissertation was on the antecedents of self-esteem in children, so I specialize in helping kids develop emotionally, socially as well as academically. I’m also a therapist for dyslexia and all my reading teachers have a background in dyslexia. I wish I could give myself a title, but I do so many things.

I learn as much about each child and the situation and then do whatever is needed to help them. I charge for the hours they’re with me, but I usually go way beyond that hour. I contact the teacher, psychologist, counselor or even the state dept. to find out exactly what is happening and then I advise the parents, usually by phone, as to what they need to do. I’m like their personal counselor, semi-attorney, psychiatrist, or something.  I seem to have this reputation, “Call Linda, she’ll know what to do.”

I realized also, that I’m almost like their educational pediatrician. They start with me in elementary school, and we work with them right to college. Some even come back in college. I had a girl I worked with from first grade on. I helped with college selection (my Masters Degree is in School Counseling). Her mom called and said she was coming home for Thanksgiving Vacation and needed help with a paper and with math (Al works with the math…we have other tutors also for math, but many that work with me through school, work with Al on math, Earth Science and physics.) Anyway, she came over during the vacation, opened the door into the a packed waiting room and yelled, “Hi, I’m home.”

When the parents call, they call because they need tutoring or testing. Either they were referred by a doctor, psychologist, school counselor, friend saw an ad somewhere or Googled us.   Many ask us to help their children to prepare for the NY State Regents, SAT’s, etc. A good deal of the time, I get more involved and before you know it, they’re coming to me for all kinds of fun stuff. In the end, whether we just helped you with one test or for a whole semester, you’ll be part of the family.